When I play online, they keep guess breaking on linkers, they know is gonna be medium or light, since heavy linkers are kinda easier to break. Is probally best to make linkers universal, one strength for all linkers and have only auto doubles, manuals and shadow linkers be breakable. This would require to rework the combo system but it probally be better, less guess breaking. I know there are counter breakers to counter this but…

Umm. If people are ACTUALLY guess breaking, the it is a 33% no matter what, same as auto doubles.

What i think is REALLY happening in your situation, is that you are assuming people will only try to break on auto doubles, so when they break your linkers, you assume they guessed on it. Some players get SO focused on auto doubles, that they don"t realize they are doing forgetting to mix up their linkers. You may be falling into a pattern of only using light linkers, or only using medium linkers, and your opponents may be catching on to you.

Always remember to pay attention to WHO you are fighting. If they reveal themselves to be a “linker breaker” then focus on mixing those up as well as putting your counter breakers THERE instead of on auto doubles.

You should do heavy linkers. Literally 90% of my linkers are heavies and I get more lock outs than breaks. Yes they’re reactable but if you’re limiting yourself to just two strengths then you’re just increasing their guess success rate from 33% to 50%. Heck even worse now they know that if it hits more than once it’s always a medium whereas if you did heavies they would have to wait to see if there was a third hit which would make them miss the medium break window.

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I’ve noticed that a lot of my opponents have been breaking my linkers lately, and I think it’s because, like you say, I fall into that category of concentrating on the ADs/manuals rather than the linkers. The thing is, I throw out a lot of medium and heavy linkers and I use the medium attack buttons to do it, so when they break me, I get confused as to whether they’re breaking a medium or a heavy since I was in the process of holding it down and they broke so quickly - basically, I think they might know what I’m doing better than I do. Sure I could check the pop-up that appears on the side of the screen, but it appears and disappears so fast, I miss it virtually every time, so I don’t find that very reliable (sorry, but my eyes don’t work like that - I’m generally laser-focused on one thing at a time, usually the middle of the middle of the screen, since that’s where most of the action is taking place).

If they’re trying to react to heavy linkers, they won’t be breaking light linkers. Medium linkers are a tossup (probably not easily reactable most of the time).

If they’re guessing on linkers, then they aren’t looking to react. You can exploit this by trying to do reactable stuff like heavies (which is less likely to be in their guess range and gives you plenty of time to confirm that they locked out and go into heavy auto-double punish loop for 35-40% damage or more), let a light or medium linker rock and see what happens; half the time you should get very good damage and the other half mediocre damage so it’s not the end of the world, counter break it for 50%+ damage, do a delayed linker so the break window messes them up (character specific), do a reset after your auto-double or manual, or any number of things.

The proposed solution of wholly reworking the combo system by removing breaks on linkers actually doesn’t fix the problem, since people will just start guessing somewhere else in the combo and you’ll be just as frustrated.

I’m still sketchy on the concept of delayed linkers, as it’s something I don’t really do myself. If you could explain again what they are and who is capable of doing them (with a few examples), I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Another guess Breaker thread… when will you guys get over it and just accept you’re getting broken?

Also, online, I almost exclusively break linkers. They’re much easier to break that ADs and are much less likely to get counter broken

The window to cancel an auto-double into a linker is pretty large. For some characters, the window extends well past when you think the auto-double has ended, so it looks like the linker just comes out super late. It means there is a pretty big lockout window between the double and the linker, as opposed to a rather short one. It’s pretty easy to do with Jago for instance, just go into training mode, start a combo, do a heavy auto-double and then try to cancel into a linker at various times. You can do it really late.

Here’s an example at 9:13 of this vid, after Rimz locks out, he does heavy auto-double into a pretty delayed light wind kick linker.

Universal strength for linkers, 1- frame heavy manuals, dunno about medium and light manuals. There is too much combo breaking. I saw a lot of this at KI cup, opener follow by a linker that got broken.

The big red flag right away… “They keep guess breaking”

How do you know they aren’t just reading you… Maybe a guess break here and there but if they constantly do it, they may have just picked up your timing. I counter broke this dude 3 times in a row and he claimed I was cheating by far the saltiest player o have fought.

The salt was so real here it was hilarious, I was even saying I was gonna break every time… So does guess breaking happen?

Yes, but sometimes you just get read. You can’t always blame “guess breaking”.

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