Linker Breaking

Are players starting to break linker on hit stun animation ? I don’t like how easy is becoming to break linkers, most of the player break linker so easy now.

Linkers are easy to break in most manners but there’s still a dangerous guess work behind it because unless you’ve been hit 3 times you never know if it’s a heavy linker or not.

Do noit fret Fenix there’s something called counter-breakers and if someone keeps breaking your linkers, bait em’

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Many players can determine the strength of linkers by the speed of the attack. :wink:

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I agree not only are players breaking linkers but the CPU is breaking the crap out f them as well. Im seeing alot of Shadows break linkers…especially since i use a ton of Manuals now… they are waiting for the linker and getting me there.

Not true though.

You can break simply by watching your character. Watch at how your character get hit and you can break the strength.

No third hit needed for that.

Depends on the linker as well as the strength used. Light linkers are pretty much never reactable, medium linkers are sometimes reactable, heavy linker are generally reactable.

If an opponent is doing nothing but manuals, then linkers are the obvious break point as there at least you have the chance that it will be reactable. The quality of people breaking them (consistently) is pretty variable though - some people are very good at it, others not so much.

The CPU is it’s own separate discussion. But are you using mostly heavy linkers? Because that becomes pretty easy to pattern. Manuals (which I’m still pretty bad at) are great at mixing things up, but if you are always doing heavy linker into light manual that’s a pattern like anything else. I know you know this, but just of the sake of the lurking public…

Your right! The cpu knows Im dong heavy linkers and is breaking them, but I mainly do manuals after shadow linkers… with Omen i wait for 3 shadow bars and then hit the opponent with a lock out and then unload 3 shadow linkers, each followed by a heavy manual = 68% damage or more BOOM!

I dont play alot of Human opponents so its manly CPU breaking my linkers… but i have noticed a few Humans waiting for the linker and breaking there instead of ADs.

I wish i could train myself to break linkers but Im so used to ADs…its hard to change lol

I actually have this problem too. I’m just used to breaking ADs, and truthfully I still need a lot more work recognizing S2 characters’ ADs and just not spazzing out and hitting the wrong break. I need to start learning the reaction animations for my character, but I so rarely have time to play (I literally spend more time on this forum than in the game) that when I get on I just play for fun and don’t actively work on anything.

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The problem with watching your own animations for countering, well, anything is that you have to wait until after you get hit during active frames, when the move is already basically half over. By watching your opponent’s animations (like I do with ADs), or by learning the speed of the attacks, you can counter much earlier, potentially during startup frames.

While that may be true there’s still kind of a risk since aside from number of hits most linkers are the same, there’s other ways to tell but generally you have to be weary on it.

And there are soundcues if I’m not mistaken.