Limit on turns?

KI Crazies,

What is the max turns you’ve gone? Is there a max?

I just wanted to learn the mode so put it on easiest difficulty. On turn 29 and kind of wondering when it is going to end. Was taking initial playthrough not too seriously (not even using many buffs/guardians/artificats) so that I can save them for my real playthrough. But my first playthrough is getting real because it’s going on and on.

…when do I fight Gargos again? Did I miss that (I think I’ve removed all of his buffs)…

Anyways love the addition. Been back playing some KI on the side and it certainly adds a very challenging component to the game.

There’s not really a max (as far as I know). As long you’re holding off the corruption, it keeps going. If you feel ready to face Gargos you can skip the rest of the turns to get to him.

If you check out the leaderboards you can see the max number of turns a person has gone. Last I saw someone went over 70 turns :neutral_face:

I went 74 days. I just got tired, so I started skipping days to end it. It was a nice way to unlock mimmic skins though.