Light trephine linker into shadow bats linker not working

So, as the topic states, for some reason this link doesn’t work like it should sometimes.

Am I the only one who’s getting screwed by this? Is it supposed to not work? I mean, are there any other shadow linkers in the game that have such a slow startup that will actually not work after lights? =S

Just wanna make sure this is intended, and not a bug.

It’s annoying as hell to waste 1 shadow gauge and pop instinct only to realize the linker was blocked =/ enough to lose a match right there.

Its not listed as a linker in the command list is it? I always thought of it as more of a manual type shadow linker where you had to neutral jump attack to continue the combo.

Humm, honestly not sure if it’s listed as a shadow linker. But for all intents and purposes it should work just like Spinal’s shadow skull works, right?

It’s not really a manual per se, because being a shadow move it cancels from AD’s, manuals, linkers, etc. Just doesn’t feel right that it doesn’t work in this situation.

It’s not a true shadow linker, and doesn’t get cancelled into quite like Spinal’s shadow searing skull to my understanding. I think shadow bats must always be “manualed” into, which means the opponent needs to be locked into hit stun long enough for it to come out. Lights just might not have enough hit stun for that, or have just enough that the shadow becomes a tight link.

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Yep it’s not actually a linker. Shadow linkers have a property where they “hold” the opponent in hit stun so that they land, a good example of this is Aria’s shadow shotgun knee, it has like 10 frames of start up yet you can use it in situations where even her jabs aren’t fast enough to hit. Because shadow bats aren’t an actual linker they don’t get that benefit.

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Yeah that’s what I thought was happening, but I was wondering if it was intended or not. Didn’t think to check the movelist xD

Thanks for the replies, guys!