Light and Medium autos turning into Heavies?

So bare with me here. Everything about Omen I know is self-taught so it’s probably just my misunderstanding. But i’ve been having alot of matches in Season 3 where when I get combo broke, it’s always a Heavy breaker… Even when i’m not using heavy attacks.

I mostly use alot of mediums to fakeout people who think i’m using light or heavy and its usually worked alot of the time, but as of recently all of my combo chains turn into combo breakable heavies for other players, and i’m confused to all hell how that’s possible. I know for sure i’m hitting (B) or (Y) to continue building up my combo yet it always transforms into a Heavy for some reason.

Could it be something to do with throwing heavy Rashakukens before going into it? Could it be Combo Assist getting in the way of everything? It makes going into fights alot harder.

Are you sure you are not being broken on Linkers? Holding Light or Medium during a Linker can turn it into a Heavy Linker.


Your mashing HVY to start your combo, that last button press is carrying over to the AD…opponent is guess breaking 1st frame on the heavy while you are pressing light or medium thinking a light or med AD should be coming out.
That’s whats happening.

If not so, then make a video and show us.


find one of your replays where this happened, turn on inputs and see exactly what you did wrong. @FallofSeraphs76 @salindy13 have given you the most obvious reasons, but without video footage we can’t really tell you what you’re doing wrong.

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If you hold down light or medium for too long you will do a heavy linker. Also opener to ender can be broken by anything. Two possibilities of what might be happening.

If you have Combo assist on, then you may be accidentally inputting a “Combo Assist Only” input.

For example,
When you use combo assist, if you wish to use a character’s “Combo Trait”, you must press buttons while also holding a direction on the analog stick.

If you have combo assist on, then you may be accidentally activating Omen’s Combo trait by holding a direction on the analog stick.

(Omen’s Combo trait allows him to use an auto double IMMEDIATELY after an auto double, if they are pressed in an order of increasing strength)