LF KI streamer

Hey guys, quick post here.

Im looking for a twitch streamer who plays KI thats relaxed and casual but isn’t a low effort streamer where they just sit for a couple of hours with a camera in their face. Any referrals?



As Letalis said, KI4Life is a good streamer, often playing with his viewers.

You have UAWheels too.
Maximilian Dood, when Ki got an update.

Yeah @TDBKi4Life is probably the best bet, I stream once in a while, I’m trying to get into regular streaming but it’s mostly just Shadow Lords and Random Exhibition. I’ve played KI4Life before on his stream, managed to take a couple rounds which was unexpected but I definitely had fun. I just work soo dang much lol.

I get the feeling Max doesnt want to play Fighting games online anymore. At least not on stream. He keeps getting streamsniped by toptier players.

do you know what their stream schedule is?

Ki4life is from Europe but he streams most days out of the week.

Actually, Max loves FG. but he seems he streams when a FG got an update (streamed a lot of KI when ultimates came out, or plays KoF14 when Rock Howard cames out).

Wait I’m casual now? I’m a PRO Ranked player ok? (:slight_smile:) but um thanks for the heads up.
My schedule is 9pm - 12 pm Mon to Fridays. Twitch.tv/ki4life


I don’t think he meant “casual” as in what type of player you are, but the type off stream. What is a calm or relaxing stream to watch.

I would say your attitude is casual but you strive for greatness :slight_smile: you don’t rage, which is more fun to watch. Fearful to play against too because you whoop my arse while watching twitch clips of people raging :wink:

What timezone is that? For the benefit of those who might not know :slight_smile:

That CET, Central European Time :slight_smile: thanks for pointing that out

2pm-5pm CDT or 12-3pm PDT

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thanks for the suggestion, definitely following KI4Life.