Lets replace survival ladder art with Shadow Lords portraits (suggestion)

Seriously, they look gorgeous.

They’re consistent and look better than the hero art, they would be perfect for use on the survival ladder as well as the player card portraits and fight challenges thumbnails.


That Glacius. Oh my. /fans self

Though all of these are all seriously gorgeous!!


THIS. With the opponents name being said by announcer right before he says “fight on”


Yeah they’re all fantastic, I’d much rather see them looking at me on the survival ladder than the random and inconsistent hero art we have now.

I have been waiting a long time for something related to graphics to be consistent. So far gameplay and music have been pretty much at a consistent high level. Hopefully the vs screen models will be replaced by this type of art.

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Inconsistencies in KI drive be bonkers, I just want one set standard. The hero art is beautiful but so incredibly inconsistent. The season 1 hero art is all digitally touched up screenshots, except for Glacius his is a side-facing pre-release build screencap. Season 2 is mostly dynamically posed artwork that’s been touched up in photoshop or something, season 3’s is comparable to season 2 and Shadow Jago’s is just an in-game render of him posing instead of the epic hero art of him from season 1… There is almost no consistency at all in the artwork.

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Consistency is my only true gripe with this game. I love it so much but it pains me to see some things neglected more than others or not having the same set standard.


Totally agreed, that’s why I’d love to see these beautiful portraits put to use.

Kims looks ruddy awful for some reason.
Sadiras is godlike tho.

It will be a good idea, based on those images and videos featuring that Shadow Lords VS screen… I think it will fit better (and don’t forget Season 1 “story mode” that also uses the survival ladder screen).

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I agree on using the SL art. They finally have a mode where they could put a lot of stuff in that can be used to touch up the entire game (without having to divert budget for it seperately, I’m hoping they will do so.