Let's get KI's streaming numbers up on twitch ... (beginners guide)

There’s 1000s of us playing this great game, but at max only about 12 of us at a time (+/- some) stream on twitch. Usually it’s around 6 to 8 streamers. Let’s change this.

All of us play on a system that can stream and from what I understand if you can enjoy the game online, you should be able to stream at least on a lower quality setting. (like myself lol).

Here’s a start on how to do this stuff:

  1. Find the right setting for your internet so that your gameplay on ranked isn’t choppy and unstable. I swear I wasn’t able to do stream, till I changed my broadcast setting to “medium” and gameplay was fast and smooth again.

  2. Follow instructions here - http://help.twitch.tv/customer/en/portal/articles/1575302-videos-on-demand - to make sure your broadcast can be saved by Twitch.

  3. Launch KI, snap Twitch, make sure your broadcast quality is where it needs to be, and broadcast! (I’d unsnap Twitch after pressing broadcast but it’s not a necessary step.)

4) after broadcasting, goto the twitch site and make your “Past Broadcast” a “Highlight” so it can be permanently saved.

  1. eventually upload to YouTube for more exposure for KI!

That’s it. Hope this is helpful to someone!


Believe me, if my network supported it, I would’ve been streaming ages ago…

Me too. If I had better internet, I would be streaming as much as I could. Like , it lags on LOW. That’s bad. But, I love streaming! :grinning:

EDIT: Currently trying to get some better internet, but it’s expensive. :expressionless: I do upload KI Videos to my Youtube, but streaming is more fun IMO.

even on lower quality settings? … *crosses fingers

Not sure to many would want to watch me stream. LOL. :laughing:

Ha! I hear ya. I’m not that great myself. But I’m trying to get better. So much to learn in KI. Sometimes people give pointers in the chat if you leave it snapped. So… …


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I suppose I wouldn’t mind streaming, but honestly it would just be me playing Survival on Veteran difficulty since I would lose constantly on Ranked so just figured it would be lame. I might stream sometime though.

I have a twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/mandrill_maniac

Just been sick for awhile so I couldn’t stream but I guess I could try to get back into it!

Just follow me on youtube, I’ve been streaming for a while now lol

I will be streaming when I have time during the day EST. Right now i’m on father duties. But once my youngest goes back to daycare, I’ll be streaming all the time.

Also, if you’re a streamer and want some shoutouts, hit me up on twitter @LKzeroLL . It’s not a shameless plug. I shoutout people who stream KI or anyone cool playing w/e, and i’ve had plenty of folks tell me they found new KI streams through my mentions. So feel free to add me.

I would if my connection would allow me to.

Yeah I have awesome internet but as soon as I try streaming, BAM, lag. I found a workaround though by using the windows 10 xbox streaming and then streaming to twitch from my PC. But it’s way too annoying to set up to do regularly.

Do you use OBS?

I’m not really good at it but I like to stream a lot so stay tuned for it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m gonna play a bit tonight so don’t be shy to join in and comment on my bad moves!

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I’m actually gonna be trying to do some streaming soon. I made a post in the off-topic section with more details.

Well I am doing a Shadow Jago rage stream right now. Who is interested?

Gonna be streaming very soon peeps :smiley: Come watch me get destroyed!

I need help. How do I stream on my Latpop KI?

Did you ever figure out how to stream on your laptop? I’m working on getting PC KI streaming up as well. It’s super easy on xbox, though.