Let's assume Season 3 is the last. What do you want next?

I’m not going to make a poll because I feel there’s not enough people voting in them to make out any conclusions.

Would you want the game to be locked forever minus the sporadic bug patches?

Would you want periodic revisions of balance?

Would you want extra content added but without a specified timeframe? In that case, which content? Would you want one, two characters releasing every year? Would you pay for it? Or would you like to buy stages and outfits?

Would you pay a “seasonal pass” that gives you access to everything released, whatever that may be, but without the periodical release of a fully fledged season?

Would you simply want the game to be locked out and wait for a sequel?

What do you want afterwards in case this is the final season?

If this is the last season…then I want CHAPTER 1 with 8 characters+bonus,balancing,and new stuff.

then you want season 4 lol


Going with the premise of the original post, I would love to see any future support for the game continue, whatever form that is. Bonus characters, content, etc. And I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for it.

But if they really do finish KI, I honestly don’t expect a sequel any time soon. First, this game is so good that I can’t really see a sequel improving on the content. Second, if they thought it made financial sense to make a sequel, they would probably just keep adding seasons. So, what I’d like to see is MS and IG revive another old fighting game franchise. It’s easy to name some (Primal Rage!) but probably difficult to actually make it happen. But it’s something I would love to see.


This. I would love to see them work on Primal Rage/Bloody Roar/Fatal Fury if possible. Rights are probably an issue but these would be the ones I want to see.

I would like to see a neverending Season. Differently from the previous ones, the new, eternal season will release new fighters periodically, but at mid - long terms of time (1 every 2 - 3 months, to be clear). However, this will implement a complete marketing change, but it won’t be a problem, I guess.

This would also appeal more people to play this game plus an incredible support of the game for the following years, probably staying at the path of SFV.

If it is the last:

I want all the features and adjustments that people wanted but it could not be put in. Such as Ultimates if they don’t come here by season3

If Season 3 were to be the last season, I would expect further support with balancing, but also new costumes, accessories, and colors from time to time to keep the game “Store-relevant.” Meaning something new they could promote on the Xbox Store page every once in a while about new content being added.

Compared to stages and characters, new costumes and accessories have to be pretty simple to add in.

Id like to see whomever developed trailers for new tomb raider, new assassin’s creed and halo 5 take over animations and develop KI4

I would like a sequel. I grew up playing the original KI’s so for me, I would like next gen graphics as number 1 on the list since that is 1 of many things KI was known for prior to the 2013 release. Better marketing like have special tournaments by pro players leading up to the release date, tv commercials etc. ONE developer so the game actually doesn’t break it’s own rules on what their philosophy of the game was meant to be. If you own the hard cover fan book for season 1 and read through it, you’ll understand what I’m referring to. Collector’s edition at launch for the game too. Last but not least, input combo breakers (quarter circle, back foward, etc).


I would like maybe some bonus content every now and then. To keep the game a bit fresh, so it doesn’t burn out quickly. Maybe then a sequel. But I don’t know. I just wish there was more marketing for KI. I haven’t seen ONE commercial, ad or anything about KI. I feel like more people should know about KI, and no ads or anything might be a bad thing.


Why do you think the combo breakers should be made even harder than they are already? Speaking as someone who relies solely on sound and match experience to play the game, combo breakers are hard enough as it is. I guess break not by choice, but mostly out of necessity. Occasionally there’ll be a move I recognise that I can break but that’s rare. Adding anything else in to the breaker system would just make the game less and less accessible to those who either have trouble keeping track of the fast motion of the game or can’t see the game at all, with the latter being a market left in the dust by many developers due to a belief in simply making games that the vast majority will buy and not considering that there are others who might enjoy the content these games have to offer. I don’t mean to insult what you’re saying, though it might come accross as rather blunt. My question is a serious one though, do you yearn for the nostalgic days of the original/second game where each character had their own inputs?

OK, partial rant over. Back to the matter at hand. If season 3 is the last, I’d be far happier if they produced more characters/stages over costumes, as characters and stages can be enjoyed/experienced at the very least by everyone, not just those with vision as is the case with costumes and accessories.

I’m not just trying to play the disability card here, but simply saying that seeing new characters and stages, hearing the themes, experiencing new designs/mechanics etc is all part of the fun and I believe that updates, even if it were two a year, to the existing roster, could be reasonably priced and keep the game fresh.

The best decision I feel they could make if season 3 is the last would be to package seasons 1, 2 and 3 on a single disc, along with the ability for that not to be counted as a separate game. Moreover, you pay a little extra and you are allowed access to the foreseeable future of KI (characters, stages etc). They could include some extras for loyal fans maybe even through this very forum or Xbox.com etc (so that everyone can get in on the action and have a piece of KI history), maybe even producing a constant run of customisable Ki fight sticks (I’ve wanted one for a long time for a couple of reasons and never been able to get my hands on one myself).

The idea of the complete game being released as well would mean that anyone who wanted to jump right in could buy the retail version, come home, install and play unlike certain situations (looking at you, season 1 retail edition), making the series, in all it’s casual and competitive significance available to newcomers and those who just want a physical copy.

Maybe even a Killer Instinct s1+2+3 soundtrack delux edition with all the stems for remixing purposes? I wonder if Mick would be willing to volunteer his work to such a project, officially licensed and available both as a digital download and as a physical release?

We can hope, right?

If no season 4 then a spinoff like:

Shooter like Starfox but Glacius in his spaceship blasting meteors and battling shady alien mercenaries.

A beat’em up with Jago, Orchid and TJ

A ghouls and ghost type of game with Spinal

Altered Beast reboot with Sabrewulf

A first person fantasy RPG like Skyrim with Kan Ra

Did I forget one?

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Puzzle Instinct with Voltron Jago.

Next game.
And this game would see a release for the next console.
I wouldn’t mind an M-rating on that next game either.

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If this is the last season, I would like to see KI vs whomever series next.

I like this thread :grinning:

I would really love to see continued balancing support. These games are such that what constitutes as balance today might not fly 6 months from now when a lab technician finds some new tech that skews the tiers from their previous form. This game is very complex and as such it would definitely benefit from continued attention and support as people continue to play.

This game is far from “solved”; there’s definitely more tech to be found, and it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that someone could find something that the devs never intended.

New stages and tunes and characters and costumes are all wonderful things… but I feel that the real lifeblood of this game’s future will be due attention and support by the dev staff.


After season 3 is over?

Two Year Gap then Killer instinct 4 (2? Reboot 2? :confused: Whatever)

A special bloodrayne or arkham asylum type solo game featuring Orchid

I disagree the combo-breaker system is fine as it is for this game. Don’t forget you’re just as liable to suffer from this as those who you have issues with.

I’m sure the graphics are based off limitations of the engine or what DH had set in motion beforehand. to keep consistency the characters have to be modeled accordingly.

It’s the engine I’d blame, not the talent.