Left out

Since every country except from US, Canada,Mexico, Europe, S.Korea and Japan was left out from ‘evo online’,how can we support the game?

I know many players are quite dissapointed with this, and I get the feeling, because I saw them training for the tourney.

I can get the “connection issues” but that doesn’t apply to everyone either. In any case is understandable, but does all EU countries have stable connections?
Well, maybe yes, at least a bit better than most of those in S.America.
Anyway, lag in lobbies can still be a problem, lets hope it’s not a bit deal to hurt the game.

And how can I help KI now? What can I offer to the community? Maybe…

If you need to practice vs a Sabrewulf with…Dunno how much rollback but it could be an online practice, we can play an FT and we can talk about the MU.

I know I’m rusty but can play crazy, turtle, or my own style. Just Let me know.
My gt is the same as here.


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I had understood these would each be “regional” tournaments and that there would be a LATAM one. Is that not correct?

As far as I’m concerned LATAM (except from Mexico located in N.A) is out.

We might not have full info? Not sure but so far that’s what it looks like.

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Yeah, some countries/regions are just left in the lurch. The Singapore community is pretty bummed about the Japan and Korea restriction…KI plays just fine with both those nations from here :-/