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hey fellow fighters I was hoping one of you wonderful people could help me out by telling how to unlock more slots for shadow fighters in shadowlab. Also if any one can recommend a fight pad that would be awesome also. I was going to get the MKX fight pad but I did not know if it would work with KI. Thanks in advance for any help any one can give.

As far as slots in the Shadow Lab, you can only have two at the moment. The first one is free, but the second I think costs about 2000 shadow points. I’m not sure on that, but that’s what I remember paying for it when Shadow Labs first became available. So at most, you can only have two different Shadows for right now. There has been a decent amount of demand for more shadow slots, and I think the devs would like to add more, but it’s one of many things on a list of demands, some realistic and some not.

Also, just to clarify, shadow points is not the same thing as KI gold, but something you earn from challenging other people’s shadows, playing shadow survival, playing against shadows in Shadow Lords, daily rewards, and any wins your shadow acquires off of other players gives you shadow points as well.

As for fight pad/ stick recommendations, I can’t honestly give much of any. I’ve only ever used the default Xbox One controller, and the TE2 fightstick. I like the TE2, but they can be hard to get and somewhat expensive, but they are good controllers. However, I’m sure there are plenty of other forum members who probably have much better recommendations than I can give you from my limited experience.

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I’m not one of the people who can give good advice on fightsticks as I don’t own one. From what I understand though the MK one has an unorthodox button layout that I would personally avoid unless you’re dead set on it.

The most popular stick is a Mad Catz TE2(+), also there’s a Razer Atrox and some Hori ones like the Rap4 or new Obsidian.

Thank you so much for this. I was wracking my brain thinking I was doing something wrong trying to unlock more slots for shadow fighters. I pray that we get more slots soon. At this point i think I’m going to delete my Jago slot because there is way to many people playing as Jago right now for my taste. Don’t need me joining the bandwagon also. lol thanks again.

The Razer looks good. I’m going to check a few review but this looks like it might hit the number. I’d rather have a fight pad because of price but i guess it is what it is at this point. thanks for the heads up.

You could play with the Xbox One controller and wait until the Hori Fighting Commander releases.


Whoa, nice! Looks like a Sega Genesis controller.


Your MKX fight pad should work, so long as it’s an X1 MKX fight pad.

Which are on clearance at Game Stop right now if you can find one. My store has one for 12$
(XboxOne MKX fight pad)

Huh. Any idea on whether that controller works on Win10 for SFV? I can’t play that game right now because my TE2 doesn’t work on it.

Man no idea, I dont have one nor do I play on PC. But Im sure you can google it or at least google the specs and if it matches current specs that work…maybe?

Its made by PDP… looks like game stop has it online for 25$. I seen one in the clearance been 2 weeks ago for 12 or 17$ , but they do that and then the price changes over and over.

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Does it allow you to erase a shadow? I tried too (to make another one) but I can’t get it

Man that is sweet, and not over priced either… Thanks for posting this…

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Whoa $12 nice.

You can erase a previous shadow to create a new one.