Learning the Classics

Hello everyone,

I never properly played the classic titles back in the day, and with the pandemic giving me more time on my hands, I’ve been thinking of toying with Killer Instinct Classic and Killer Instinct 2 Classic a bit.

I know there’s no Infil-quality guide for them (or any other fighting game, for that matter), but is there a good online resource to learn the Classic games at all?


Oh there are guides, old school guides with wonderful info, just not that fancy :smiley:



Killer Instinct Gold which is part of Rare Replay Compellation has pretty great tutorials.
The fightingsystem of Gold is transferable to KI 2.


One of them is even written by Dr. Dogg!!! He used to be on the forums during S1 and we’d play all the time. He was a fellow Sabre main, back when I was a part of the OG Wuff Pack.

If I remember correctly, he also did work for Brady Games. I really miss their guides.


I still have my Mortal Kombat 3 Brady Guide!

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