Learning Juggle Combos

Hey all,

My Sadira game is coming along well (still Silver Tier, but I’m learning the character and mechanics better) and I wanted to improve juggle combos with the character.

Basically I’m looking to clarify ways to keep juggle combos going.

Typically right now I do either Fang, Medium Punch, Heavy Kick, throw, or Demon Blade Ender to launch, then do a few hits in the air followed by Widow’s Bite or Shadow Widow’s Bite, land and do an attack followed by Recluse.

Relatively simple, and usually nets around 15% damage, give or take (more if it’s Shadow Widow’s Bite). What I can’t seem to figure out how to do is relaunch the opponent as I’ve seen others do.

Would someone be able to break things down a bit for me?

A very easy juggle you can do is Throw > HP > L WB > Fang > HP > L WB > Fang > JC H WB or if you have meter Shadow Recluse

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Sadira’s basic juggle loop is very simple.

Launch: Throw, Fang, or MP>HK
Forward Jump Cancel
Manual: Any button except LK
Cancel into Light Window’s Bite
Relaunch: Fang or MP>HK

The timing is actually pretty generous the whole way through, so you don’t need to rush to input everything ASAP. From your post it sounds like all you need to master at this point is relaunching after Widow’s Bite.

If you have no meter to spend for Shadow Recluse and the combo is about to blow out, you want to aim for a knockdown setup or use LK for a flipout reset instead.


Thanks both.

@Blacklash93 That’s correct, it’s the relaunching that I seem to have issues with. Using the combo that @WebNRagnarok listed I’m able to do the throw>Jumping Heacy Punch>Light Widows Bite, and that’s it, Fang never connects for me.

However, I was able to do Medium Punch, Heavy Kick to relaunch. I haven’t completed the full combo yet though.

I’ll keep at it.

The key people tend to miss (including myself when I started out) is the timing of Light Window’s Bite. When I say the cancel timing is generous, I mean you can do it at pretty much any point until you land on the ground.

What you want to do is time the hit of Widow’s Bite during the descent so the opponent is as high above the ground as possible when Sadira lands. The higher they are, the more options Sadira has to relaunch.

Ah, perhaps I’m doing the Light Widow’s Bite too soon. I shall adjust that timing and see how things go!

If you’re always using Light Widows Bite though, does that make the combo easier to break, or is the window there too small for that to be reliable?

Light and Medium Widow’s Bite are unbreakable because they’re projectiles. If the opponent tries to break them, they’ll get locked out.

Heavy bite is breakable but only on the second hit when Sadira reels herself in.

You know, I never clued in on that, viewing them as Linkers in the “combo sandwich,” but of course a juggle is not the game’s combo sequence.


I was practicing this and toying around in Practice yesterday.

Generally, I could connect Throw>Jumping Heavy Punch>Light Widow’s Bite>Fang, but after that I could not connect the next Jumping Heavy Punch.

An adjustment I did that seemed to work was: Throw>Jumping Medium Kick>Light Widow’s Bite>Fang>Jumping Medium Kick>Light Widow’s Bite>Recluse.

The Jumping Medium Kicks seem to hit twice though, so I’m guessing this is a target combo and thus more easily broken?

If instead of Recluse, I do another Fang>Medium Kick, the Combo “blows out” in the air, the opponent just drops back to the ground not letting me do anything further.

I was also surprised that the combo is still doing somewhere between 16% to 19% damage, even if I instead of Light Window’s Bite into Recluse I do a Shadow Widow’s Bite. I thought that would do a damage cash out ender. The only way I can get that to happen is if I end with Shadow Recluse.

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To get Throw > JHP > LWB > Fang to work in cycle, you need to delay the LWB so the it knocks you high enough to give you time to relaunch with Fang.

Sometime this weekend, I’ll record some of the juggles I use. :slight_smile:

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Sadira’s shadow widow’s bite is only an opener or linker, and won’t cash out damage. This is pretty in line with the vast majority of the cast - there are only one or two shadow projectiles in the game that I can think of that cash out (Eagle’s shadow arrow and Glacius shadow shatter, which is itself a super weird projectile property wise). So as you said, you’ll need to get to the ground to fully secure your juggle damage. Shadow recluse is quite fast though (3+0), so as long as you touch the ground before they do you’ll usually be able to cash out if you have the meter.

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That part I got, though now I’m having an issue where the second JHP will whiff constantly; I’ve not been able to connect it yet.


Ah, okay. On Infil’s guide, it showed that Widow’s Bite (non-Shadow) is a Damage Ender, so I remembered incorrectly. Oddly though, ending with Heavy Widow’s Bite doesn’t seem to cash out either. I know that Web Cling is a Damage Ender and not listed in his guide. Perhaps he meant to put that there instead?

Cool. On occasion I’ve been able to continue the juggle with a crouching attack, though that’s more been luck than actual execution.

I spent a good hour practicing last night. Basically, I’ve pretty much got down:

Launcher, jumping Medium Kick (hits twice), Lite Widow’s Bite, Fang, jumping Medium Kick (hits twice), Light Widow’s Bite, Close Medium Kick, Heavy Recluse or Shadow Recluse Ender.

Typically does around 19% to 20& with the Recluse Ender, around 30% to 32% with Shadow Recluse.

Would I be correct though that those Medium Kicks will be easy to Break?

Yeah, that’d be a typo. No version of widow’s bite cashes out, and web cling (but not shadow web cling) is Sadira’s damage ender.

Yes, if someone’s looking for multiple hits then they’ll pretty consistently be able to break air mediums.

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I must say reading this discussion is also good for me to learn how to avoid getting wrecked by Sadira’s juggles :rofl:


Cool. In the bi-weekly casuals I play in, the jumping Medium kicks were getting broken, but not consistently.

Looks like my neutral play has improved as well!