Leadeboard issues

Hey, does anyone know who at MS or IG is directly in control of the Leaderboards, is it James Goddard?

You mean the rankings system? Leaderboards are, of course, a feature of ALL competitive multiplayer games on consoles solely for stat tracking against the population of players in that particular game’s community. There isn’t any one person in control of it other than the developer themselves as it pertains to their game.

What is the issue you’re having exactly?


I got to the Number 1 spot less than 2 days after Shago dropped for having all 4040 Fight Titles in the Game, but like 2 weeks later, someone else got all of them & I got bumped, then 2 more people got them all & they put the original person that bumped me below my name, but the 3rd & 4th person they put above me, so now it has me as 3rd…I of course have photo proof to substantiate the fact that I got there first.

So let me get this straight, your concern is that even though you are currently in first for the most fight title and that you’re tied with others who have the same amount, yet you feel that you should be listed first cause you got there first?

I’ll tag @TotalJimkata just so he’s aware of your concern.

I guess you could put it that way, but it is supposed to go in order of who got there first, so if there were say 100 people that all had every one, the person that got there first wouldn’t end up being in the hundredth spot…I just want that Number 1 spot for once since I busted my ■■■ to get it right before I went on vacation cause I knew if I waited to get back, someone else would have gotten there first is all…& thank you, yes it does register me as having all 4040, just not as being the Number 1 spot I earned…it has me in 3rd place even though I got there literally weeks before everyone else on the Planet.

See, I was twenty above 2nd place when I got the final one, so I had a very commanding lead & now I’ve been relegated to Bronze…a very sad state of affairs to be sure:( I was very proud of myself for being Number 1 in the World for Fight Titles on the best Game EVER made, but now I just feel like a doucher that got very little sleep before driving twenty hours down to south Florida…