LCD's thoughts on KI

I’m honestly glad they went with this approach. Just using that approach they managed to make Maya, IMHO, well…

…she’s just gorgeous.

And it’s not because she’s showing off T&A.


As long they don’t pull a mass effect andromeda And make the female characters ■■■■ ugly on purpose I’m ok. Yeah Kim’s not pretty, orchids ok, sadie is alright, Maya, Mira, are pretty. But i think that’s an engine modeling thing, Idk. I’m not a dev so I can’t really say.

I can respect it they don’t want to make them skimpy, and at least they dont make them totally hideous like that elf chic from dragon age inquisition, who looks like she ran into a hive of yellow jackets and has the eyes of a corpse. But then again it’s bioware. The kind of ppl they employ is another story for another day and at another forum.

Agreed. I think there’s a lot more personality to be found in matching a character story, art style and look and Maya has that complete, executed vision in spades. Putting her in a bathing suit or whatever people seem to want to see her in, would diminish that in my mind. Plus, it’s nice to be able to play a fighting game with my lady that I’m not at least slightly embarrassed by in this regard.

I mean don’t get me wrong, she’s more than used to it. She enjoys Soul Calibur and DOA so it’s not like she’s unfamiliar with T&A in fighters or seeing it is shocking or even horribly off-putting. I think it just disappoints her more than anything else. Like the guys can be all these different things, but the women have to be fetishes of those things.

I like that KI doesn’t do that. Sure, Sadira shows off a bit more and her angle coming down from the ceiling is a bit strange, but that’s as far as the game goes, and using that to justify flooding the game with fap material seems more than a little counterintuitive to me, as there’s a difference between having a small amount of allure / sex appeal, which kinda fits a seductive assassin character, and just having every female dress or also act a certain way.

Sorry, don’t mean to derail the thread and take it toward that well worn topic, but to get back to what you were saying, I agree that Maya looks gorgeous, but more than that, I think she just looks cool. She looks like a badass warrior with the hair, the armor, the daggers, the “you’re not worthy prey,” all that stuff. I want to play cool characters like this. Not a fetish of an Amazonian or a fetish of a freedom fighter or a ghost fetish or whatever. To me, none of that is unique, especially in this genre.

But that’s just me.


Line of the day.


Well i dont consistently lose and i complain respectfully now with good reasons. I find this post poison


Killer instinct is still my favorite game title. I enjoying playing it casually but not competitive its not fun at all like s1 or 2 was. This Game feels Off and glitchly (to me) and not a fan of the balance and flipout in this season. Truly wish ig would have called me Rico bass, nicky, skatenate and other pro players to have a discussion to improve this game so we could be more happy with this game but 0/10 of the pros very un happy with the path of ki currently. But i will still play killer instinct and support it till the very end. i love the concept and the mechanics of killer instinct.


Couldn’t they hire amazon games studios then?

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Food for thought for anyone who makes suggestions for the game. It is all well and good, just make sure you have an equal amount of acknowledgement for what is good.

I don’t care how right someone may be, no one, likes to constantly be bombarded with “what can be better” and suggestions. Sure they are helpful, but if someone is known as a complainer, there is a good reason the credibility of your argument is compromised. If you want to make fair suggestions and criticism, make sure to balance good and bad. Otherwise, the discussion quickly turns into a negative, entitled, and non-engaging base for discussion no matter how valuable the information may be.

You don’t like Dojo because it’s only Jago?

Dojo mode only uses Jago, which is relatively good because Jago essentially represents the universal fundamentals of fighting games. His tool-set cover most angles there are to know about KI while also clearly teaching the user of the mechanics. Though, it would be pretty cool to have additional cast members to reference because KI’s unique roster.

Just be aware that pro’s should never be the sole representation of the entire community. SFV took that approach and it was quickly established that the game is less fun than previous installments, according to the vocal majority. That isn’t to say your voice doesn’t matter though, it still very much does. Just not as much as some pro players are inclined to believe (I’m not referring to you either).


Well, Larry himself called it a rant in the video. I mean, he spent two hours in front of the camera on that and a fairly large portion involved him complaining and in some cases, doing so to the point of actually frustrating himself; where he actually had to calm himself down.

Sure, maybe that was for effect, but I don’t think that calling what he did a “rant” is the worst thing ever. Some people use it interchangeably (right or wrong) with simply getting a lot off your chest at once. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve tons of yelling and rage, ya know?

My response to him could be constituted as a rant as well. It’s extremely long and at points, I get frustrated with what he was saying. I don’t hate the guy, of course. I don’t know him. He seems like he loves KI and he shows passion for it. I can respect that.

But telling everyone here that we’re “the problem” when he’s the one spreading negativity, on his way out the door, no less… I don’t know. I’m not sure that makes a whole lot of sense to me.

As for Andy writing half a page of “god knows what,” you have to realize (if you’re not aware already) that a substantial portion of that video Larry posted involved things that he’s been complaining about for a long time now. At some point, I think it’s only natural for people to get frustrated at hearing those same things over and over again, even if it’s in the current context of “reasons why I’m leaving.”

Just my two cents though. FWIW, I listened to the entire video. I’ve watched or listened to a fair number of his videos over the years and read tons of his posts on the forum since the old DH forums back in the first season. Many of us have. It’s part of the reason why some people are posting what they’re posting without having seen this video. They know a lot of what he said without having to see it.

Can you explain a bit why it’s so much worse to play competitively now as opposed to casually? I’m a casual level player, so I’m curious if you could specify what feels off. You also say glitchy. Do you think it’s a lot worse this year than it was when previous season’s content came out? I mean worse to the point of not being fun anymore?

As a pro player, what type of advice would you give them in terms of putting together a season of content going forward that you think would’ve helped in season 3? I mean, I get that you don’t like flipout. Would you remove it entirely? What do you think would put KI back on the right path?

Just curious.


I respect that!


This video is too long for the point of it. Wish it was shorter.


@SLHiImKeith Just read the quoted post here. It covers every point LCD was trying to make in that video.

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Do you know how much money it would cost to higher Amazon just to make a niche game in a niche genre?

That is how fighting game cycles work. I liked mvc3 then lost interest in UMvC3, or to give another example, I cannot remember how many KOF titles I skipped because of new mechanics. Some iterations just don’t catch on with you even if you’re the series’ biggest fan. I’m pretty sure I’ll be trying out KI4 and if I don’t like it, then see you again for KI5, then 6, 7,…you get the point.


When a person keeps complaining about a video game character not showing enough skin, its kinda hard to take them seriously lol also, if you’re gonna stop playing a video game, then just stop, like a normal person lol give a quick farewell to the community if you must, but a 2 hour video?


If 0/10 of the pros are unhappy, then 10/10 are happy?


And are there only 10 pros? And are those pros the be all and end all of KI expertise and opinion? From experience with other video games, table top games and even sports, I’m okay with players saying their opinion but not with them being the ultimate decision makers when it comes to rule changes and/or balance.


I just had too…

Dude…Im defending you,…phhphhhh figures… people read things and dont actually READ

I never said you consistently loose… bruh pay attention that post was about Larry, use the button that shows you what its replying too.

And BTW @F3Sleep… look a few posts down from my original post that your so quickly quoted and see where IM defending you and look above it to see where its a discussion about LCD.

SMDH…dude I thought were were cool but now Im disappointed.

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I don’t have any issue with your opinions on the game and I think you have generally handled it in a classy way. But this quote is 100% the reason we have all this noise. Please name one fighting game where the devs call up the EVO top 8 and discuss how to make them happy with the game? It’s also a complete fallacy to suggest that keeping the top players happy is the way to make a great game and - with all due respect, it represents the oversized egos that are involved here.

Since @llPaulBll seems to insist that we all listen to the exact same complaints over and over again and that somehow it’s unfair not to sit through them from start to finish, I will say this again. You guys have a very disproportionate understanding of how important you are to the game. Especially LCD. And as always the thread devolves because anyone who isn’t appropriately respectful of LCD gets ripped. LCD isn’t appropriately respectful of anyone, and he HASN’T “done so much for the game.” Playing a game and streaming it and placing in tournaments doesn’t make you part of the development team. And LCD’s constant complaining has not helped KI in any way.

@ItzTymeToDul c’mon man don’t go there. LCD puts his opinions out there with a lot of emotion and hyperbole. If people respond in kind that’s not “hate speech.” @FallofSeraphs76’s comments are not very constructive but they aren’t less constructive than LCD’s and they certainly aren’t hate speech. I wish we could all make as constructive comments as @Iago407 all the time, but people get burned out.

As far as dividing the community see the quote above. Hearing people say a game you love is trash because the developers didn’t call them for advice is gonna make people angry every time. If you come to the forums and ask KI fans to pick sides between angry pro players and KI you can’t blame the fans who side with the game for “dividing the community.”