LCD's Crash Course to Killer Instinct

As part of my goal to produce quality gameplay and guide content for Killer Instinct in Season 3, here is my first video giving new players a crash course in KI.

Please be sure to leave me your feedback and let me know if you think it would help new players learn the game.


At 1:27, you say “up-down inputs” when you probably should’ve said “down-up inputs” - otherwise, good video (I particularly like the nod to Infil and his guide). :wink:

…also, screen-reading script FTW! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

this is amazing Larry!

Wish you wasn’t reading so much off your screen but its brilliant!!!

SO SO SO clear!

Great work! We need more KI content and videos out there for new players. Particularly character specific videos that are long and in depth. (Kind of like Mortal Kombat class)

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Nice vid! Thanks for creating that!


There are a couple of things I wish I could of done better but this was my first time ever doing an extensive guide this before. I’ll improve as time goes on and as mentioned I plan to do many more Killer Instinct Season 3 videos like this teaching the game and its characters.

Stay Tuned™

I’d say it could use a bit more emphasis on combo breaking, but otherwise it’s a great summarization of what you need to play! :slight_smile:

Your stuff is great, looking forward to it.

Him reading off the screen shows he takes the time out to
get it right. TV people do it all the time.

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