LCD vs Geoff! Twitter Beef. Get IN HERE!

It’s going down.

Get the magicarp picture ready!

Edit: It’s over people. They made amends… I think.

Something we should take away from this is that the KI community as a whole isn’t used to being under fire from random internet strangers. Unlike youtubers who have thick skins and deal with crazy hate daily the KI community has never dealt with that and find issue in it. Maybe because the community is young and has yet to figure out how to ignore it and not let it get to you. SF personas get crazy hate on /r/kappa with memes being put out on people but they don’t let it get to them. Were it a KI player they would probably be extremly hurt.

Best advice I have for the community is to grow a thick skin because it looks like it only gets worse as the community gets bigger.

what is this about?

No need to involve ourselves.



If you need me I’ll be playing video games instead of sleeping.


I don’t know why you would bring this up, especially with a clickbait headline and the intention to enjoy watching people argue.

Looks like they took the conversation to a private channel. I don’t know any good thing that would come from getting involved, or asking others to poke their nose in and try to stir it up more.


Holy cringe Batman!

Are we 8 years old now? Is this grade school? Someone has an issue with someone else, and your first inclination is to run to the forums and yell “fight! Fight!” in the background?

That’s really what you want to go with? :neutral_face:


This thread was completely unnecessary. “Drama” between two people on Twitter does not need to be displayed here.