Launch time

Does it go on sale tonight at midnight est? or do we have to wait til tomorrow at 9 am or such?

I was thinking on the same question:
-What time the S3 will be released at each timezone?

S3 its an update, not a new game launch, so maybe it will be a little less precise in terms of releasing time

Season 2 updates always came out at 2am PST. I hope this one is tonight. Sometimes that happens.

Didn’t Riptor’s update come out at like 9 PM EST/6 PM PST the day before scheduled release?

rukizzel i bet should know this answer

What about outside the US?
Cuz, you know… there’s more world outside of the US…




Canadian time please!?

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Yo @rukizzel, will I have to Uninstall/reinstall tonight? Also, I plan to leave on my xbox one while sleep since I have to be up at 5 am my question is will it install on its own? Do u have a eta for launch times btw I’m n chicago.

Good question, if I can id like to get a solid hour of game time before I call it a night later today. Otherwise I’ll just come back to it tomorrow evening.

They were saying on Keits stream yesterday that they didn’t know exactly when it launched and @rukizzel probably had a better idea.

Granted, Keits also said he didn’t know if there was a trailer today either.

What timezone are you in? I don’t suggest doing the full reinstall, but I can tell you it won’t be a midnight thing.

I know when. Only reason why I haven’t quite released that info is I want to make sure it is still accurate. These things can change with the wind so once I get word today I will tell you. Assume morning PST, though.

Any idea how big the download will be?

Thanks for the replies. Should we expect a trailer today?

Any idea of when the Windows 10 store updates in the Midwest? I think i’m eastern time zone

Wish it would be midnight est time so I can play a bit tonight.

Well, since we are not only adding new characters, but re-lighting every stage and fighter too, I would expect a big update.

Could we get a ballpark figure so I can estimate how many agonizing hours of download time I’ll have to wait?

Full download for pc: 20gb? 30? 50!?

Please let it be soon! Cannot wait to get back into the game on PC!