Launch day stream with Giveaways

Hi all I just wanted to give you all an invite to come join myself and some friends on stream come Launch day. We’re are looking to host a long stream exploring the S3 changes and new characters. We would like to do our best to keep things professional and positive. I’ve put a lot of work in making sure the stream broadcast looks professional (overlays, plugins, etc). Both streaming and gaming are hobbies but we are very passionate about KI and have been playing since Season 1. This is purely about getting people excited and sharing the fun my friends and I are going to have. As such I’m not interested in donations/follows or any sort of stream monetization as I never intend to make streaming more than a hobby.

The stream can be found here:

I intend to give away 3 copies of Season 3 Ultra edition and will post more details on these giveaways soon.

A little bio on myself so you know what you guys are getting into: I’m 30 years old. I’m Systems Administrator by day and Crossfit Coach by night. I live in New Hampshire (That little state in North East USA). My main hobbies are fitness and gaming. Dota 2 and KI are the two games I spend most of my free time playing. I’m nothing special at either, average Killer in KI and 3.5k MMR in dota. Anyways my friends and I tend to drink when we play video games so the stream will be for a mature audience. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Get excited! Cheers!


My only question is start/end times? I work nights so I’m usually asleep in the afternoons.

I can’t confirm a concrete start time. We are going to start as soon as the game is playable, but as with most launches I’m guessing there may be some hiccups as such I can’t promise an exact time. As for End times it really depends on our stamina. Myself, my brother and my friends have taken both the 29th and 30th off from our day jobs. I will be posting concrete times for the giveaways so if you want to just pop in to have a chance you will be able to do that.

I can confirm it will be glorious.

So the tentative plan for the stream schedule and giveaways is to start the stream off at Noon tomorrow with a giveaway shortly after starting. Then we’ll do another giveaway 6 hours later at 6PM and another 6 hours after that at Midnight. All times are Eastern Time Zone USA.

I might start streaming before noon but I wanted to give myself and my friends some time to get a little comfortable with some of the new characters and S3 changes before streaming as I feel it will be more entertaining for everyone. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, I’m open to changing giveaway times to accommodate other timezones.

One final thing. I’m not committing to a marathon 12 hour stream, we’re inevitably going to take breaks and what not. But I will commit to following up and hitting the times I’ve provide above. Cheers all, I hope you’re as excited about S3 as we are.

Awesome to see such dedicated KI fans :slight_smile:
I’m in Europe, so most of you stream will be in hours that’s way too late, but will try to at least catch some of the start of it :wink:

Can’t wait for tomorrow no matter how I look at things :stuck_out_tongue:

So as of now I haven’t gotten the update yet so Instead of noon we are going to shoot for 2PM EST.

streams up, we’re having fun. First giveaway goes to supernasty. next give away is 6PM EST. Tune in. Cheers.