Last S3 character speculation: Eagle

So im sure there are people here speculating the final character of Season 3 to be Eagle, at first i was against the idea (mostly cuz of how badly written eagle was in the KI comics) but after reading the ARIA novella chapter, its a huge possibility, and i’d like to speculate on what kind of character he could be.

Considering how the Fulgores are based off Eagle in some way, i could see him using the traditional native american hand talons as weapons, in fact i wanna see that, but i had a thought, KI characters all have something in common, the classic trope parody, and i thought of an interesting trope to base Eagle off of…TUROK.

Anyone who has played the original Turok on N64 may see where im going with this, a very honor bound native american, but adaptive to technology, i could see Eagle using makeshift weapons from Ultratechs technology (imagine him having ripped off a Fulgore plasma blade mechanism to use as his talons), and an interesting idea to please fans, what if his retro was Thunders TRUE retro?

anyway, this is just my speculation in the matter, just a small idea if Eagle was the final character, feel free to discuss

Joanna Dark


I would love to see Eagle make it in as the last character, he was slated to be in KI3 before it was canceled.

I don’t know about being based off Turok though, I’d rather they use whatever concepts Rare had for him.

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After giving it some thought, I think it’d be neat to see other Native American styles represented…like perhaps Mohican, Sioux, etc. I feel like a wide variety of full sets would produce results everyone would be as satisfied with as Thunder’s main outfit.

…though knowing the way MS & IG has handled retros…it’d probably be more likely to have him in a teddy bear suit or soccer uniform.

I really have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Eagle, what with the whole Fulgore story fiasco. I’d rather have the last returning character come back than a half-hearted rehash of an existing character. If we HAVE to get Eagle, make him the bonus character or straight up an alt costume for Fulgore.