Last Character POLL

I’m sure this already exists somewhere but who would you most want to see as the last character of Season 3?

  • Eyedol
  • Eagle
  • Shadow Orchid
  • Arianna
  • Babylonian King
  • Joanna Dark
  • Ran-Ka
  • A MK Character
  • A Different 3rd Party Character
  • A Completely Original Character

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A new, completely original character. Eagle could be a bonus character though.

What sort of thing did you have in mind? Or do you just want to see original characters in general?

I wish to see what the creative minds of Iron Galaxy can come up with. They had so many awesome and original characters in Season 2, but so far in Season 3 all we have is Mira… who shares a few moves with Maya. But she is still awesome.

Season 3, however, has kinda been the season where IG threw in the KI characters which hadn’t returned from the classics yet, plus guest characters… And as I’ve said plenty of times, I am no fan of guest characters, as well as clone characters (such as shadow versions of already existing characters). Though I am glad to see the last couple of returning characters, not alot of originality has been shown in this season. I’d like to see more of it.

Eagle might never have been a playable character, and I am kinda curious to see what IG will do with him, but I’d rather still see more completely new characters join the franchise.


Whilst I’d rather see Eyedol to complete the old roster, I 100% agree with your sentiment. I really don’t like 3rd party Characters, 1 is a novelty but loads is just silly. I’ve met too many people that don’t know much about KI but from advertisements have assumed it’s microsofts answer to smash bros :/.

The original characters last season were totally brilliant, Hisako, Kan-Ra and Aganos immediately became cool interesting parts of KI in their lore, character design and gameplay. ARIA was really cool too. I’d love to see more of that. I haven’t been overly taken with Mira just yet.


I personally love Mira, but I also love playing as Tusk and Gargos is fun too!

As for guest characters, though I am no fan, I do find Rash a pretty fun addition. Not what I would have preferred, but cool none the less. Arbiter… I couldn’t care less. And I’d rather they kept Eyedol for the next season, maybe make that a revenge story for him returning and fighting Gargos once more.

And if the rumours are true, there’s another character in this season I just couldn’t care less about.

agree that 3rd party characters are great in KI, but feel out of place.

hope Eyedol is the final character …

with minions too, and minions attack minions

So you just want him to copy what other characters already have…


First of all, I want Eyedol above everything. Then, Eagle could be really nice.

Although Mira is the only “new” character(not guest, not returning), every character has a totally new moveset. I mean, Gargos doesn’t looks like original Gargos at all, same goes with Tusk or Kim(they resemble them in some way, but they are very different), and Rash and Arbiter are new to a Fighting game franchise.

There is no difference in creativity between, for example, Aganos and Gargos. Yes, gargos existed before, but his moveset it’s totally new and fresh, they had to face the same work with Tusk, Kim and Gargos than Aganos, Kan-Ra, Hisako, Aria or Mira.

My point is: If they bring back Eyedol, he will have a totally new moveset, and although he can be similar to his former self in appearance(two headed cyclops it’s expected), he surelly will have an unique touch. Look at Gargos: He is very diferent, but still “is” Gargos somehow.

And Eagle, well, he always was there in the lore, but now we have the possibility to see him. I mean, it would be criminal to not put him in the game. You could only mantain him “dead” inside Fulgore(as many thought), and nobody would complain. But hint him alive in the novella and don’t make him playable it’s ridiculous. My money it’s with him as one of the two remaining characters.

To summarize:
-Eyedol: It’s a must, only remaining character to come back, his fans are eager to see him(myself included as one of his bigger fans). I’m sure IG will give him a unique and awesome new moveset.
-Eagle: It would be ok to not being in the game… until he was showed in the novella. Now he has to be in.
-Another guest character: IMO a bad idea. Rash and Arbiter are great, but something pulls me off from playing with them. I prefer KI characters
-Shadow Characters: Bad idea. Shago it’s ok because he is unique, but pulling out another shadow would be weird. I know there are no clones in this game, but making a character based in an existing one, even with a different(yet similar) moveset isn’t a good idea IMO. One(Shago) it’s ok. No more
-New characters: Always wellcome, but please, bring Eyedol back first, and then Eagle, now we know he is alive.

I think Eyedol having two heads would work better with a kind of ‘mode change’ mechanic. But in fairness I trust that IG would revamp him in an interesting way.

Mentioning 3rd party characters again. I actually play a lot of Rash and personally I really wish he was the only 3rd party character, he hasn’t had a game in years and comes from a similar Rare background, he just seemed fitting. Arbiter and ‘he who should not be named’ just feel far too out of place and annoyingly take up positions that could have been given to new characters who would have actually been involved in the plot.

The fact that you put Ran-ka in the poll gave me a chuckle.

Eyedol would be the optimal choice for me.
Eagle would be okay as well.

Though Arianna, the Babylonian King, and maybe even Eagle could be considered IG originals.

Shadow characters are kind of been there, done that. If we must have another Shadow character, I would prefer it be someone like Kim Wu, Tusk, or Kan-ra. Someone that would seem to be a threat to Gargos. Orchid doesn’t seem to have any interest in fighting Gargos, she is far too busy flushing out Ultratech and people only choose Orchid as the next shadow candidate because she is related to Jago.

No more guest characters. 3 is enough for this season.

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[quote=“darkfoxinvid, post:11, topic:11122”] The fact that you put Ran-ka in the poll gave me a chuckle.

:smiley: I’ll have a bigger chuckle if anyone actually votes for him.

I feel like we have Eyedol already, I know we have Kan Ra…

Joanna is a favorite

I like to see Eagle but I’m always up for newbies

I’ll take Eagle, because he is a new character. You can say that he’s from the lore, but he’s never been playable or more than a reference in the games so far so I think it counts.

Wasn’t he the original thunder back in KI1?

No, Thunder was still Thunder.

Why does everyone want that stupid looking two-headed horse character?

Because if they can make a hunch back gargoyle into a badass demon lord then imagine what they could do with a “stupid two headed horse character”.

I think part of it comes down to the fact that he’s the only classic character that hasn’t been revamped for the new game. There is a certain desire to complete the roster.

Because I don’t want a fighting game full of “normal humans”, I could go to SF, DOA, Tekken, and almost any other fighting game if I want to play with humans(with rare exceptions).

I want a game with bizarre and weird monsters with unique appearances.

And there is nothing more unique in FG monsters than a two headed cyclops

Also, I like the character, do I don’t have the right to ask politely to bring him back? They made each of the old characters different but amazing. I want Eyedol, I could accept some changes(like, for example, his satyr legs can be out), but I do belive IG/MS could do a great job with him.