A bit OT but I started laughing hard the last match I played. The guy was in gold. I’m killer. After I won he said something(irritated) about how I should have let him win, because I gain nothing from winning when i’m already killer rank.

I don’t recall ever lamequitting on people up to this point. I will fight my hardest, but with the way the game is at the moment audio wise there’s things that I just can’t break (and it’s not for lack of trying). If I’m playing a person I’ve arranged a set with, such as @GalacticGeek or @TheNinjaOstrich, I’ll be as civil as I can during getting bodied even if I’ve had a bad session/day/etc. However, if I’m fighting online in ranked and get a real bad beating, I can sometimes use that pent up frustration to concentrate but more often than not I’ll just end up being frustrated at the player via headset. Not the best course of action I know but there are times where you just have nobody else to vent to other than your executioner as it were.

If something did happen that needed my attention I wouldn’t mind saying to the person over chat “sorry, I just need to go and sort something out” for example. What they do is up to them really, but I’d rather not take an additional loss (as I’m still trying to work up to Killer, but if I’ll ever get there is another thing entirely).

If someone else lamequit on me, I’d probably either do one of two things - I’d either try and do the most flashy combo/test out new things I’ve practiced/want to try, or just do as has been suggested and win with light punches…

Your opponent is “under the influence” and not really able to play in his state. Before Twitch installed the guide lines, you could see a lot of people doin drugs on stream. Happens more than you think.