Laggy slow game!

I NEVER PASS THE performance test aight? i tryied using GAME BOOSTER , nope DOESN’T WORK on this … cmon Microsoft at least some performance improvement support please… more settings options… or access to setting files as people are able to make unplayiable games playable

on a positive note , single player is not as laggy , dojo is completely fluid , Local playing is good if the map isn’t full of 3D assets and nobody is using Cinder…

I mean i cannot even lower down my monitor’s Hz from 60 to 30 as it should help (if someone knows a software to force a 60 monitor to go down to 30 tell me)

it just means that you’ll need a better PC to run the game by the sounds of it. You can’t just keep lowering the game requirements to next to nothing.


is you 3D card good enough?
Do all the other games play good?

every game plays damn well ! its just killer instinct that is being the elefant in the room

and of course my graphics card is not good enough
but it doesn’t impede playing games
like i said , i can play killer instinct too… but in a very restrictive way , means no multiplayer , just some single player ,and dojo

Maybe list your specs so we can see what the problem is? A screenshot of the performance test results?

I use Cinder :frowning:

It is very important because characters like him that require a lot of effects will pop up every now and then.

If you want to pass the test and play online lower
the settings as much as needed then rerun the test
you should pass at this point and then go online.

If you have to, turn all settings off, 640 X 480.
in windowed mode.

there are many 3dcards for 150 that will run KI
just fine maxed out.

Even a used one from ebay wiill do…

This guy posted the same thing on the KI subreddit. Hes using an ATI HD5450… thats his problem

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This thread is like someone sticking a PlayStation game into an Xbox console and arguing it doesn’t work and it should because it’s still a game.

The solution is just upgrading your hardware, dude. The game may be dated in graphics but the partical effects and visual effects warrant a better build. Otherwise, you will notice incredible slowdown and even crashes. I’m surprised your PC hasn’t exploded from all the stress.