La la land v Chicago v Moulin Rouge?

In what order and why?

WTF just happened…?

No way, you like musicals? Let’s chat!

I do actually like musicals.

[Stage]: Moulin Rouge.

Film Adaptation: Chicago.

Where I live: La La Land.

What I’m doing: Googling that interview, and being very confused.

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There was a Broadway production of Moulin Rouge?

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You just changed this thread…

I’ve actually never seen it on Broadway. Might not be one. I’ve seen a handful of stage productions, just sort of assumed it had a Broadway showing.

…why does it only say “Rouge” now?

I think Moulin Rouge is just a movie right now, but will be on Broadway eventually.

Chicago on Broadway was great, really enjoyed the movie too. Haven’t seen La La Land


Holy hell I forgot that was Baz Luhrmann.

On Broadway this year!?

I wanted to attend KI events this year. This means putting serious thought into travel funding… dammit.

I saw la la land over the weekend for the first time, and moulin rouge last night for the first time in years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m from LA. When i saw the 405 junction at the start, i was like “wuwu! La! Home town!”

But… Even i was like “guys… Chill with the la references, Jesus”

And i couldn’t help but think of exhibit when they started watching rebel without a cause!

“Yo dog! I heard you like LA movies. So i put a LA movie in your LA movie…”

I’m a Cinematographer by trade, and when i watch a movie I’m thinking two things. What’s the director trying to show me with this frame, and what’s the DP trying to show?

You know what the director was showing?

“Look everybody!! Hollywoo Celebrity hunk ryan gosling is really playing the piano here! Look!!”

And that begins motivating the camera even more than the story or characters.

I really, REALLY wanted to like LA LA LAND, but i can’t put underwhelmed. It was good but not zeta Jones Chicago good, or baz luhrmann style fresh (i have a theory. You’re favorite baz luhrmann movie is the first one your see lol).

So i haven’t seen Chicago in line, a decade. But i render coming out of it like "damn… That’s a fine musical (shout out to mr. Cellophane).

So i think mine would be:

Moulin rouge
La la land (or at least till i figure out how to feel about la la land… Didn’t it deep the globe’s? :Rollseyes:)

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Maybe it will be out in time for a KI event in NY and you can do a two for one trip

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He’s got the magic, that’s undeniable. But nothing will ever compare to the first time you experienced that magic, y’know?

I’m really really hoping fate puts together precisely that weekend! Fingers crossed (figuratively)!

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So now is La La Land a reference to Los Angeles or Hollywood?

I think it had a double meaning. Yea it references LA, but there’s also a key scene at the end of the movie where she goes to LA LA LAND (don’t worry, not spoilery)

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What!! :astonished:

I’ve not heard about this! Although baz lurmann is a little exhausting.

Shut up Quentin Tarantino you’re no better!

Too bad we don’t have Broadway in LA though :confused:

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Does it involved hallucinogenic drugs by any chance?


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I thought so

If the drug is music!!

*Skips away laughing


Speaking about La La Land, I supposed it is a romantic comedy movie too?