Kumite in Tennessee 2017 schedule and discussion *Spoilers

Today in Tennessee is KIT and a few of our forum friends are in attendance. Lets cheer them on best we can! KIT is also a KI cup qualifier!

Here is the main KIT home page with the entire schedule and Stream links

Saturday Jan 7th = KI Pools @ 6pm Central time zone

Sunday January 8th = KI Top 8 and KIWC qualifier @ 3pm Central time zone

Lets give it up for our buddy @KevBones10 and hope it makes it far!

Anyone else from the forums there in attendance or competing? If so let us know!

There is also a KI Ultra Tour event happening right now live at this link:

Check it out and support until the KIT event starts later today!


Team Spooky is hosting it!? I thought they were just SFV shills.

@BigBadAndy @Dayv0 @xSkeletalx @TheNinjaOstrich @ItzTymeToDul @STORM179 @R1stormrider @WrathOfFulgore @SadisticRage76 @MDMMORNING


They take turns with PandaX. The guys that run PandaX are running KIT so they probably have too much work on their hands to focus on everything.
Also Jonathon at Panda X isnt a big KI fan so doesnt really matter to him.

Were do you see Team spooky in the schedule anyway?

Did you say… KUMITE?!


KUMITE! KUMITE! …Fight to Surviiiiiiiive!!!

I guess they’re just hosting exhibitions now. https://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky

I have no idea what that is? The pools dont even start till 6pm later today?

This link is straight from the T.O. Ian himself.



LOL that’s a lil nutty.

This is some NYC Event. its not even part of KiT. My bad lol

That isnt KIT…that is the KI Ultra tour, witch is kind of like MKXL pro league? that must be something local in Chicago or something at a studio? That isnt Kumite in Tennessee.

BUt whatever it is WTH do we not know about htese things here on teh Official forums? HEll if i didnt post the KIT thread ther wouldnt be anything on that either…kind of disspointing.

@rukizzel What is this KI Ultra tour stream happening right now? And why is there never any liegit info on these type of events?


The Spooky stream is a local (but official KI Tour) event in New York City at the flagship Microsoft store.

I don’t really have much more details than that, though.

I am planning to watch KIT later.

What’s interesting is a lot fo top players are at this KI ultra event and not at KIT? IS this KI ultra even live? It reads that its live on the stream. I wonder why there has been zero mention of this event?

It’s been mentioned on Twitter (including the official KI account), and I’m sure other places. I’m not part of any of the KI Facebook groups, so I don’t know if it was announced or discussed there too, but I first saw stuff about this event last week.

It is a live event happening right now, for sure.

It hasn’t been mentioned here that I know of, but someone has to actually post that information.

I wouldn’t mind being the person in charge of doing that here on the forums, but I typically find out about events thirdhand or when the stream goes live. If I can get my hands on that kind of information ahead of time I can start posting up the events.

Smaller/local events do get posts fairly often by their organizers though.

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We def need all events posted here somehow. I do the few that Im aware of.

GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!! Have fun and don’t be an arsehole!


Can’t make it today but I’ll be there tomorrow :smiley:

I met @STREETNS. We have fun playing KI matches!


Grand finals for KI Ultra tour NYC is starting now! Rico VS SLeep!

Sleep wins against Rico 3-1 while using MAYA!
Wins 750$ and an Xbox One S bundle!

@xSkeletalx can you pin this so everyone is able to see and support the KIT stream tonight and tomorrow please?

KI pools start now at KIT! @KevBones10 VS JagoBlake!

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