Kudos to IG for making Mira!

I want to give kudos to Iron Galaxy for making Mira.
Though I am not 100% satisfied with her, I still think she is absolutely awesome!

I love vampires and blood magic, and Mira is an awesome vampiric blood mage! I would’ve preferred to have the blood be red, simply because I find it visually more appealing, but I’m eager to learn what the lore-reason is for the decision to make it black and what that gauntlet has to do with it.

Mira oozes with personality! Her intro, her win pose, and even through her gameplay her personality shines all the way through! She’s sadistic, she’s haughty, she likes to play with her opponent and she really appears to enjoy the fight, moaning in delight at her foe’s pain. Her winpose is probably my favourite of them all in the game.

And I want to give the design-team special kudos for being successful at making a female character have great sex-appeal, yet being almost fully covered up! She shows only a little bit of skin, mainly her arms and a bit of cleavage, yet she probably has the most sex-appeal of them all. I dare say, even more than Orchid. And not only that, her outfit is absolutely awesome as well! The mixture of gothic elegance and pieces of armour, the scarf and coattail that flows as she dances across the stage - it just looks fantastic.

I’m struggling a bit with her gameplay, having a hard time getting used to spending lifebar on attacks and getting it back, but that said, I still love all her moves. The blood scythe, the cannon drill, the old-school mist teleport and that hilarious bite linker where she chomps away on the opponent (I giggle ever time)! Her moveset is perfect! She is the embodiment of everything I wanted in a vampire character for Killer Instinct. I just need to learn to GIT GUD with her, but I suck at videogames in general. XD

Though I mainly wanted a male vampire (mostly for eye-candy reasons), want the blood to be red and I struggle with getting used to her lifebar usage, I absolutely love Mira. She is awesome! You did good, IG. You can give yourselves a pat on your backs on this one. Thank you. <3

Can’t wait to see her story mode. ^^


I’m agree with you! But what do “kudos” mean?..


praise and honour received for an achievement.
"she was looking for kudos rather than profit"
synonyms: prestige, cachet, glory, honour, status, standing, distinction, prestigiousness, fame, celebrity, reputation, repute, renown, notability;
compliments or congratulations.
plural noun: kudos
"kudos to everyone who put the event together"

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Read the KI Novella in the news section, it explains her blood magic and gauntlets.


I finally got to read it now. Thanks. ^^

Interesting concept, I guess it makes sense to turn her own blood metallic to weaponize it. Still, I would’ve preferred crimson blood.

Not just metallic though. The gauntlet is a knock off of the philosophers stone. Her very blood is being transformed into an entirely different substance. Blood cell turned into a certain metal that’s liquid at room temperature, probably mercury( if my chemistry is on point) a poisonous substance (it would be cool if she had a damage over time attack…in fact she does!!! Her vampire mist in instinct thingy “poisons” or infect the target and heals her. It’s literally mercury Mira is transforming her blood into)

It makes sense now why she has to replenish her supply of normal blood. 100% mercury instead of blood would probably kill many things vampire included

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While we don’t agree on everything here OP, I will say that yes the devs did a pretty decent job:

I think she has great game play but I feel her design is a tad too generic. Just another human with fangs kind of vampire which we already got a bunch of already in games now a days.

But her game play makes up for it.

I absolutely love her design, her gameplay, her aesthetic. And her voice actor knocked it out of the park - she’s expertly voiced and that really goes a long way when playing hundreds of matches with a character. And her theme song is splendid.

I am so, so very happy with Mira. Thanks @developers.

Mira is certainly full of character and personality! I only hope they can do Gargos and the other two the same justice. :grinning: