Kombo Klash Netherlands

So today I acciddently find out there is a Kombo Klash tournament going on in my own country and I’m to late to sign up or even be there because I totally missed it.
Where do you guys announce these kind of things? I’m pretty pissed right now. I haven’t seen ANY announcement??

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Same thing happened to me. Really wanted to check this out.

I believe they announce things on Ultra Arcade twitter, facebook, or their members twitter pages…still i missed it.


hehe sry that you misst it but dont worry next year again hehe and with more kombo klash tourny in euro, for next year there will be one in the netherland, france, germany, UK.

also follow brandon on twitter for if you dont want to miss any annoucement

Yeah I don’t do twitter. That’s probably why I missed it. I just watched the stream archive and it looked pretty fun.

Not many good Players though, so pretty good chances to finish in the money.

here’s a group pic from kombo klash NL, it was alot off fun

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Waar kwam iedereen zo een beetje vandaan? Vanuit het hele land?

Op de stream zag ik ook wat fransen en Duitsers. Een fransman is 1e geworden

the ppl that where standing up (from left to right) NL, NL, GER, FR, GER, NL, NL, FR, GER, uh dont know about the last one
and on the seat (from left to right) LUX, NL, FR, NL, BE, NL, NL

so: NL (netherland), FR (france), GER( germany, LUX (luxemburg), BE (belgium)

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Thanks! Wish I was there. Maybe next time.

Still can’t believe how badly it was announced. Can’t even find anything on ultra arcade site or this site

the event was planned i a few weeks time, they did not have much time. it needed to happen in december bofer the world cup that is in januari.
now for next year they have more time now to plan the tournament.

If y’all are on facebook, Killer Instinct Ultimate Fans (group page) has anything KI related posted their. Lots of pro players there and Brandon (Ultra Arcade) always posts about anything World Cup related in that page.

The other page ( Killer Instinct’s Serious Competitors, Streamers, TOs, and Devs) has upcoming info as well.

oh yea,
forgot about the FB group hehe thx texace for pointing it out to hehe.

FB group -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/killerinstinct2013/

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I missed every single event outside of RFD… Seems I need to get back on facebook, which I’m really hesitant about…

But the advertising for this kind of events could be better, imo. Can’t be that facebook is the place to be to get informed about this.