Kombo Klash Netherlands/1st Stop KI ULTRA TOUR!

The Kombo Klash NL tournament is underway now! They are playing from top 8 down to top 3. Tomorrow will be grand finals on the main stage of the Firstlook Festival!

Quick info on the schedule:

Saturday October 8th
8 until Top 3 - 3:30PM CEST / 6:30AM PDT / 8:30AM CST / 9:30AM EDT

Sunday October 9th
+ Losers Final - 1:15PM CEST / 4:15AM PDT / 6:15AM CST /
7:15AM EDTGrand
Final - 5PM CEST / 8AM PDT / 10AM CST / 11AM EDT

Now for a word from our friend Ki4Life:

After months of preperation Kombo Klash Netherlands, the premier KI offline event of the official KI Ultra Tour,
will kickoff at the Firstlook Festival 2016 tomorrow Saturday October 8, with the finals on Sunday October 9.

With a healthy $2500 potbonus up for grabs for Top 8 and the champion qualifying directly for the Top 32 at the
Killer Instinct World Cup 2017 in March next year, we are honored to welcome some of the best competitors of Europe.

Now you may or may not heard of them before, you will not see these names shining in al the US Majors, some of
them went to EVO and even KI World Cup, some just play online and get their 15 minutes of fame in the 8bitbeatdown or KI Pro League. Here is an quick introduction of some of the names to look out for:

ITA Master411 (Itay): The undisputed Ranked king, 18 pro stars, this guy seems to have an appetite for destruction when it comes to online play. This will be his first offline international event. Will he have any troubles adapting to offline play and continue to the KI world Cup to challange the pro’s of the USA?

Mains Thunder and has a Shago as well.

Bastfree (France): Often call the tech guy of KI, if you have seen any broken stuff over the past three seasons, then probably that tech was invented by Bastfree and his little brother Crotus33. Bastfree has a goal, no longer does he want to be the tech guy, he wants to prove that he is a fierce competitor. For months he has been training with some strong players from the USA. He is hungry and wants to qualify for the KI World Cup and prove to the world that he can do better than he did last year! ALLEZ! Mains alot of characters including Orchid, Kim Wu, Rash and Cinder.

TYI LechatNoir (France): Probably the most progressed competitor in Europe this year. His Hisako has been evouring bodies online consistantly with winning the very first King of the Ring #1 online championship. LechatNoir has also done very well in the 8bitbeatdown and Ki Pro Leaguue qualifying himself consistantly fr top 8. Considered the best Hisako in Europe can he take his skill to the next level and breakthrough as an offline threat as well?

Valoraxe (UK): Probably as firery as the character he plays (Cinder). Valoraxe will do anything to let you know he
is focused and on a mission, popping off big time and letting his emotions go once things do go his way. With good results at EVO 2016 (close to Top 32) and a runnerup result at the Kombo Klash UK event few months back, Valoraxe has already proven himself to be a very dangerous offline player. The Brits often come to the Netherlands to party and have a good time, this Brit is here to win Kombo Klash Netherlands.

TDB HeeroNL (Netherlands): Kombo Klash Netherlands marks the return of the Mountdew drinking, broken english speaking, Heero NL. Last year Heero did qualify for the Killer Instinct World Cup but unfortunately he could not make it to Texas to play. Secretly planning his comeback, Heero’s mind is set for the first prize and requalifying for
the World Cup. Potbonus would make a huge difference this year, so KI’s own flying Dutchmen is more than just an outsider. Used to main Glacius and Cinder, current main unknown ???

MeisterZeen NET (Luxemburg): Best player from Luxemburg both offline and online. MeisterZeen has been loyal to Glacius since season 1 and still rocks the Iceman to this day. Last year he came just too short to qualify for the KI World Cup. Alot of good things have happened to MeisterZeen since then including becoming a father earlier this year. With mom and the kid at home MeisterZeen is back with a vengeance and ready to go. Will he go all the way?

Crotus33 (France): Living in the shadow of his bigger brother Bastfree, Crotus33 is often referred as Bastfree’s little
brother. Playing countless of hours since Season 1 makes Crotus33 a dangerous player as well. Not as vocal as Bastfree but very much as lethal. Mains Cinder and has a Fulgore.

TDB Ki4Life (Netherlands): Calls himself a bonifide scrub and certified free (on wakeup), how ya doing? Notorious for taunt combo’s and long ultra’s there is never a dull moment when Ki4Life plays.

With tournament preparation taking most of his time, he has not been streaming or practicing as much as he would like to. If can he play focused and not go rely on his flowchart playchart and actually adapt he might get far.

Mains Hisako and Orchids, thinks he has a Sadira -_-

– Ki4Life


Was hanging out in NYC earlier today, but currently watching the VOD. Looking forward to the finals tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I swear KI4Life is the coolest, AND YOU CAN’T. TEACH. THAT. :smile:

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