KIT 2019 Ki Pools and Top 8

I didn’t see any new threads on this weekends KI in KIT 2019. Here are the links for Pools and Top 8.
Hopefully no one will spoil the results until next week to give everyone time to watch the replays. Thanks !!

Pools on NYC Furby (Starts at 1:27 )

Top 8 on Team Spooky


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Incase you guys wanted to check out the KIT tournament or didnt see the thread.


I watched the Top 8 between last night and this morning. It wasn’t as exciting as I hoped for. There just wasn’t a lot of pizzazz in the fights like there used to be. I know that is pretty subjective, but I recently watched the Combo Breaker grand final between Amenty and Sleep. Compared to that, KIT this year was pretty sedate.

Yeah I think KI overall has just lost its shine. We need a new game soon. 5-6 years is a great run but I dont see it lasting much longer once MK 11 drops. I used to play KI everyday and now I just do not have much fun anymore. Even after watching KIT , the hype that generated for me to play didnt last long. I played an hour and just didnt care to keep going any longer.
I dont understand what the holdup and issue is if there is an issue with MS releasing KI2.

My guess is MS wants to announce the new KI with the next Xbox. MK11 is going to be a current gen game and the rumored SFVI will be next gen. Having something to announce at E3 is probably pretty smart. And I can’t imagine MS wouldn’t want a KI2. I mean, who puts in the kind of work they did with KI and not follow through with a sequel? Just look at Thunder and Eagle: that involves a level of love and support we probably don’t recognize because we all want more accessories instead.

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Watching this I kinda felt like most of the familiar contenders were out of practice. Thompxson was putting everyone else to shame with how solid he was playing.

VODs are up on YouTube

I think a good chunk of people were practiced going into KiT, Just going by appearing on streams. It was just that the better player won tbf. I am also surprised on how well Illusion 3rd place person did.(Im still doing spoilers b/c it isn’t a week yet technically)

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