KI's look on the W10 store got updated

see for yourself! Link



Your link works, but if I open the W10 store I cannot find it.

its probably unlisted.

to have the item so close at hand with no downlaod is slightly annoying - we’ll just have to wait… :smiley:

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I hope we get news soon about a preload. Apparently the game is over 20GB, which could be a problem on slower networks.

No preload on PC or XBox.

We’ve had the preload on Xbox for 2 years…

  • the 3.0 update for xbox has no preload
  • the complete game for w10 has no preload

Better now @SaltyInstinct ?

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If Killer Instinct was on Steam, it would have a preload option but since the game is on Windows Store there isnt a preload feature, at least not that I have seen.

God I just want to have this on my Pc already I can hardly wait

You wont have to wait that long…

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Sigh…for me it’s tomorrow night, not morning… :’(