Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Just noticed this for pre-order in the store. Anyone know the backstory for this?

The original was by all accounts a decent game and had potential to launch a franchise but was undone by a series of development missteps (trying time turn it into an MMO then switching back), failed financing deals and ended up devolving into lawsuits between the developers, including Curt Schilling, and the state of Rhode Island. There was a bug, ugly, and sudden lay-off if staff that made a splash in the game development community. It was all very sad.

I played a demo and the game seemed good but I never bothered to buy into a “dead” IP. With that history, I was shocked to find out this has been resurrected. Anyone have any insight on the story here? You can tell I don’t get out much - I don’t have a better place to ask this question than the KI forums.