KING of the RING EU #4

The next KING of the RING European championship is upon us

When: December 18th
Tournament page and sign-up:

Currents participants:
TDB Shin
PV T1AORyanBay
PV Xenoraptor
TDB Fang
TDB JdoubleC
TDB Jitae82
MBA Banemobius
HW Valoraxe
TDB TM Drago900
TG Coopstar

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@Draigh @Dayv0 @SightlessKombat

You guys wanna do this?

Draigh, I understand if your child is your main priority😂

@TDBFEAR It’s extremely difficult to find EU players on the Forums as it’s flooded by Americans😂

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Ah shoot, i won’t be able to participate to this one too. Perhaps it’ll get the timing right for me next month. Anyway, good luck with that, KI definitively deserve more attention in europe in my opinion.

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Yeah, just moved last week, still lots to do, like the baby bedroom, so a pass for me, have fun though guys :grin:


All killa, no filla. Except I’m joining so at least there’s one filla (me).

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I know, but there are some who only visit the forums :wink:

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Yes you are! :+1: just added you to the list.