Kinda funny

How a Epic Top Ram guardian is better then the killer version. Since the epic version gets 11-12 breakers while the killer only gets 8.


I have a question (another one) regarding the exemplar guardian and how health is gained back in SL. Now on the exemplar cards you see the percentages for your meters. Now…how does it calculate that? For example, the killer exemplar it says you get 6% health back per parry.

Now…that 6%…is that for the current health bar in play or both (or in ARIA’s case 3) combined? Because at the results screen you’re health is at a percentage of the two combined (or again 3 for ARIA). So I’m just wondering does the 6% mean out of 720 or 360?

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I’ve seen this with a Rare Snake being worse than my common Snake. I was kind of surprised, but then again my common snake had one of those KI emblems on it so I guess it was sort of special.

About you second question…I don’t know what you mean about the “720 or 360” thing.

My guess though is that the 6% is of the current life bar.

Well I have a epic top Ram and a killer top ram. But the epic version seems better mainly because I get 11-12 breakers as opposed to the 8. And once the charges on the killer version are used up then you can’t use it anymore. So for example, say someone snags you into a combo 8 times you could empty out your charges before even hitting half your first life bar. Then you got nothing for the rest of the match.

Well unless you’re ARIA each health bar is 360. Combined that’s 720. Because at the results screen say for example you lose the first bar but you don’t get hit the on the second bar. You are now at 50% health. So I am curious to see it health regain is the combined total or just the one in play.

Each character health bar is woth of 360 hitpoints. Both are 720 total health. Aria had that 720 splitted in 3 health bars instead of 2

Parries generate 6% of your combined total health. Something like vampirism is % of damage dealt.

So 6% of 720 then. So that should be 43 health a parry. I’ll have to go check the health when I parry because it seems like I don’t get 6% of 720 health back. Feels less.