Kim Wu's ultra music and sound fx mix

Hey guys,

I’m currently in love with what you all did with Kim Wu’s ultra music! And while I also love the huge truck smashing on the scene and all of the madness that comes with it, the crash and havoc make it difficult to appreciate the beauty of that ultra music. KI’s sound design is quite amazing on it’s own, but just for that ultra in particular, I’d vote for a sfx volume decrease in favor of the music.

Compare Kim Wu’s ultra -, to the ultras of Rash or Arbiter - It is true that in Rash’s and Arbiter’s stages, the characters aren’t in such close proximity to a crazy loud 18wheeler crash, but I’m hoping the music and sound departments can come together and find a happy medium with the mix, like they did with ultra’s on TJ Combo’s stage. I feel you can hear the train crash but still hear the music well.

I come in peace and this is just my opinion, but it may be something to consider @SasquatchPotato What do you think? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the note! Just know that any footage that has been released up until this point has not gone through a final mix pass. All of that stuff takes place closer to launch (in fact, I’m doing it now for all of Season 3 stages and launch characters).

Have faith. :wink:


Got it! Thanks for responding so quickly. That makes total sense! And yes, I definitely have faith. :smile: You guys definitely do amazing work on both the sound design and music ends! As a fellow audio guy, it’s truly inspirational! Look forward to experiencing this upcoming S3 audio. This game is such a pleasure to listen to! Thanks for your great work!

(smh at myself … that’s a lot of exclamation marks lol)

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Thanks so much, @iDoMusic4Media! Much appreciated. I think you’ll dig the mix for S3. Doing some tweaks here and there to bring out some more detail. My ears are smoking! :smiley:


I was actually going to say similar things myself - there’s a couple of audio cues missing for certain things (at the moment), like Arby getting a grenade back and maybe Kim getting a dragon, but doubtless they can be added in over time as well. Moreover, the stage ultra mentioned above for TJ - I can hear the train, but there’s no crash - it just sort of vanishes off screen which is a real shame considering up until now, I didn’t even know it was a train crash as part of it. If that could maybe be cleaned up in a future update that’d be good too.

Keep up the good work.

I’m confused as to whether Kim’s stage moment of the truck crashing in view is a stage ultra or if any ultra cues the truck.