Kim Wu's model

Seeing Maya, she looks like both Beyonce & Shakira.

For Kim Wu, who do you picture her to look like?

I’d picture her looking like her:


she must have sex appeal. Kim is the youngest KI female character there is, so she has to be sexy… or else!

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Actually Kim Wu is NOT the youngest female KI character, that would be Hisako. Hisako is actually the YOUNGEST female KI character, NOT Kim Wu.

P.S. Besides SEXY, ATTRACTIVE and EDGEY too as well as probably even WELL-ENDOWED :wink:

Hisako may have died being the youngest, but she’s no longer the youngest as she is no longer among the living.

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You’re both wrong it’s Riptor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What about these?:

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That is very true, yes. You made a really good point there too :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s ok guys. Trust me. The hype will EXPLODE when Kim comes out. I will be excited. (In the smallest word to express my joy I could use.)