Kim Wu's Chinatown Brawl Signs revealed

I recently made a thread about Kim’s vocals being translated, which we are still waiting on-

But, for all Kim fans, including myself, I asked a friend who is Chinese to decipher the signs on her stage.

It’s so nice to now know which shops are featured in Kim’s stage. Waiting on the audio translations!
Here are the replies to the photos I took of the signs!


Awesome find here! I never knew that!


This is really damn cool.


Dude that’s awesome thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Yes! I love when things like this are explained, as in the ultra fan book from season one detailed concepts and described stages in detail etc.

This area is loaded with different stores!

There are even more signs in the far distance that may be too small to read, but it’s awesome to know the one squeaky sign that swivels in the stage has something to do with ‘new Dragon’!

That brings so much depth to understanding Kim And the process of defining her and her stage. As I’ve always said, the stages are one of the best things about KI and it’s awesome to know this about the design process.

I love sometimes selecting music off and hearing the environment sounds chosen to represent all stages-

Kim’s cars and horns and street bustle with the rusty swinging signs
Orchids helicopters & bombs exploding with guns in background with the Walkie talkies
Maya stage with jungle animals kookaburras and monkeys and the dam water
Jago chimes
Glacius snow winds
Sabrewulf bats and eerie haunting sounds
Sadiras captured prey screaming and weird bog noises
Spinals sea and crabs crawling!
Hisakos chimes and rain
Combo urban sounds

I wish we could practice on the stages!

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Wow that kinda shows how deep the devs were in this stage such wonderful little detail!

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Nice one OP - always sweet to have resolution to lingering curiosities :smiley:

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Great and neat find man :grin:

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