Kim Wu's buffs! DISCUSS

Kim got a multi angle dragon projectile deflect
Kim has increased walk and dash speed
Kim has faster generating dragons!
Kim can blast away opponents with her Parry Deflect move!
She also seems to hop a bit more frequently in her fidget mode (when left idling):slight_smile:

What do you guys think about our girl and her new abilities!!!

I love them and look forward to using her instinct in a more proper way and I most love the parry and the deflect changes. I would have loved her shadow firecracker to receive a buff, but at least some of our concerns were addressed-

WATCH OUT GARGOS the Kim Wu Dragon Society is coming

Side note" has ANYONE in this forum studied Chinese and can tell us what Kim is saying in all of her foreign dialogue???

And what do those signs in her stage say???

Forget all that, give me the dragon shield she apparently used to have. Knowing about that scrapped feature it suddenly made sense why dragons were considered such a good resource when balancing her. She’d basically be untouchable as long as she had one dragon.


Yea while what Adam revealed about her original instinct ability sounded cool, I don’t know if I like the idea of heat seeking dragons or I can’t remember which marvel ultimate alliance hero had that circling ‘bomb energy balls’ shield

I like the dash properties better along with dragon cannons

They help her mobility around say a jago fireball spammer my Kim in a shadow match parried a fireball, jumped, dashed over the next and parried a third to light into a cancel combo and finish off with a 41% shadow dragon kick now that’s more satisfying than just walking towards jago and having the dragon sap or steal his power or break his combos!

And @TheNinjaOstrich has this awesome dash follow up that adds to her combos I can only imagine what we can possibly do now with faster generating dragons!
scoot scoot scoot across the stage

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I’m pretty sure he didn’t say that they regenerate faster, only that they now regenerate while being hit.

Side note, I like parry knockdown and the faster walk speed/dash. However they still didn’t address my biggest gripe and that’s the unfairness of her firecracker ender. CRAP damage for ONE dragon still feels wrong, imo.

I’m literally trading guaranteed damage now, for the potential to do more damage later? Wait… What!!?

[quote=“BblackorchidD, post:1, topic:10475, full:true”]
Kim got a multi angle dragon projectile deflect
Kim has increased walk and dash speed
Regenerates Dragons while being hit (FTFY)
Kim can blast away opponents with her Parry[/quote]

Character receives 4 major buffs. Player complains she didn’t receive 5.


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Yes and add a request for more accessories on that as well, while you are at it. Lol you mad?

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I’m not upset in the slightest. I was happy with Kim Wu as she was though, so all these buffs are just icing on the cake to me. I enjoy that her parry is risk/reward. I like that dragons are a little more difficult to attain, considering how powerful they are through mid-combo frame traps and being able to bait out shadow counters.

I main Kim Wu, by the way. My condolences that they only made her S-tier instead of S+, it seems like you need it.

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I’m glad you’re enjoying your gaming experience.
However, you are detailing this thread with personal concern and I suggest you send me a PM or discuss the topic at hand.

Saltiness is not your friend.
Try to swallow the lump in your throat and stop trying to gain popularity by being the naysayer.

Back on topic, the popular concern is the issue of Kim Wu and her shadow firecracker in its static form.

Adam stated weaknesses are vital to balance and there won’t be changes simply for making a character more powerful, yet much change was given for Kim that she will be definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks to the team I’m ready to check her buffs out!

You’re a bad troll. 2/10.

Anyone else have any discussion about Kim Wu while another tries for a useless internet standoff? If not, @xSkeletalx please close this thread and delete it.

I think these buffs are a bit over the top. Had they just given her parry a little quicker recovery time and a slightly better dash, she would have been fine. As it stands, she has a higher execution/reaction-time barrier than some of the other cast members in order to play at a high level.

Perhaps these buffs are designed to lower the bar on her a bit and make her more accessible. If so, it sounds like they’ve hit their mark.

Take the back-and-forth to PMs please, let’s keep discussion on the topic at hand.

I currently consider Kim Wu my second main along with Thunder. I’m extremely happy with the walk speed increase, and I think that will help her a lot in some of the situations where she needs to close distance.

I need to work more Parries into my strategy, but part of why I don’t often use one is because some instances where I correctly landed a Parry could end up with Kim getting hit out of recovery; I think the changes will help with that.

I will definitely experiment with the various nunchuk reflects, because I think there are some “control” aspects in the change which could be useful. Does she still have a space where a projectile can pass through Firecracker?

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Where can i read the patch notes?

Yes the space is still there
I also didn’t know the MP backwards is open to counter & overhead

uummm… overall it seems like minor enhancements. But I guess we’ll see.

Now why on earth would anyone spend a meter to deflect a projectile, while the opponent staggers away from a move that can’t chase them. Is it like a super taunt? cuz that’s the level of practicality I’m seeing here

It’ll at least look cool when shadow countering someone whom planned on having a projectile keep them safe :laughing:

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As far as I know it’s on the twitch stream.
Maybe a dev will post the text form later today.

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? I see discussion that’s on topic, discussing her buffs. One guy wants the thread closed because of a differing opinion but that’s a poor excuse to stop the discussion. If only I could get a thread closed for every time someone disagreed with me. Alas, my guess is Ninj a Wu main will simply stop posting which is what you asked but is that what you/these forums want?

I think her parry is godlike now. It covers high and low (unlike hisako), is safe and gives her a dragon which provide her with arguably the best tools in the game. You guys should be happy about her buffs they make her much stronger, but they do change her a lot.

She was very much risk vs. reward before. You had to make some tough decisions do you anti-air or do you parry, do you cash out damage or take a dragon. With these buffs she becomes more linear and those decisions become less prevalent. She will inherently be getting more dragons per round based on her instinct and new parry as such the decision to cash out damage or dragons occurs less. Similarly the choice to parry as an anti-air will almost always be the best decision given its new properties unless you already have 3 dragons in stock.

Overall I think she’s always been decent, I think she’s required very smart and tactical players to be successful with her. With these changes that requirement seems a bit lower. Whether that’s a good or bad thing comes down to subjective opinion.

As with anything new we’ll just have to see how things shake out. My gut says she’s going to be extremely good.

No, it’s because every time an intelligent thought process is initiated, it brings the equivalent of bottom feeders from under rocks to sputter nonsense that gets personal rather than contributing to the discussion that I as OP wanted to discuss.

Lame comments about whether I agree or not which want even the case, is a ‘classic’ type of bandwagon response rather than ’ like this’ a retort of seeing a thought as a complaint is unnecessary and frankly won’t be tolerated.

I can deal with agreement or lack thereof, it’s the low level of stupidity that is disappointing.

No one is here for that.

This thread was created to celebrate Kim’s buffs. Now it’s a heaping pile of excrement.

Oh I get it. See, you didn’t title the thread celebrate Ki’ms buffs. You titled it discuss. People were led to believe you were looking for discussion, but you just wanted a circle jerk.

Our bad. As far as I can tell it’s your posts that are laced with insults. No worries, I don’t care to stoop to that level. So proceed with your “celebration” it’s clear now you didn’t want to have discussion. I’ll do myself the favor and ignore any of your future posts. Cheers.