Kim Wu's backstory

From her trailer about her background, of herself being the chosen one of the dragon spirit, growing up as a martial artist and fashion designer.

Wonder how we’ll picture her backstory…

  • Since she’s Korean, will K-pop be involved in her story too?

  • With her retro costume, can she be one of her ancestors who fought Gargos in ancient times?

  • Her fighting like Bruce Lee!

I mean check Orchid’s extended backstory!

She’s partially American, don’t forget. :wink:

Considering IG’s “grounded” take on the character backstories, I’d say she’s daughter (or granddaughter) to a Korean mother and former US military American father that was stationed in Korea during the war.

I thought they said Kim Wu is half Korean, half Chinese, but she’s a second or third generation American, explaining her accent?

I respect the love of k ■■■■ but why Kim Wu ?

They said she’s K HOP

I think this was the idea they were trying to get across when they had her fighting Kan-Ra and Sadira in her trailer. The way the trailer looked at the time seemed very flashback-y.

To me it was to show the difference in the stage lighting.
It was obvious when she was fighting shadow Jago and the music crescendo that it was colorful and new stage presence.

Same with the Kim Wu reveal. IG noted at the World Cup we were experiencing a new stage and lighting