Kim Wu's and Tusk's stories next?

When will Kim’s and Tusk’s stories be revealed with all of season 1 & 2 characters’ stories done?

They’re not getting stories because their stories will be part of S3 story mode.

But is seems that everyone now is part of Season 3 Story Mode… :confused:

Why Tusk and Kim Wu can’t have BACKstory since those backstories will probably explain their past and prepare them for Season 3 Story?

No backstories for Tusk and Kim?


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That is uncool!

I wanna know their stories! The guest characters aren’t my concern!

Backstories could still be possible, we could be dealing with their current stories in the Story mode and getting their history through these stories like with everyone else.

Hold up. Has story mode been officially confirmed - all I’ve heard is whispers about it.

Has to be, right? Both seasons have had one. Also it would have been something they would have announced were it not in the game because that would cause massive backlash. The only thing to discuss really, is how they might go about it this time.

The problem with saying “story mode has to be in” is that we all know what happened when we said “oh, there has to be the same number of stages as characters in s3 just because the last two did it that way”. I’m not saying your incorrect about it being in - I even read a post from Tusk’s VA saying that he’d leave the details in game for people who wanted to play story mode.

But I’d like to see something with more voice acting in it at least.

I knew you were going to say this to the first part of my argument so I added the bit about it being announced by now if it weren’t part of the game. Its true, we shouldn’t make assumptions, but based on no announcement to the contrary, I’m gonna say story mode is in.

They did say say there would be no more obvious complaints with the season aside from the 3 stage deal. That makes me assume Story Mode is in.

They have hinted at Gargos, they said the purple shadows are story related aswell, with such a statement, you cant not have a story mode.

I think we might get them later down the line after S3’s story mode is released, but for now it didn’t sound like there was a plan to release text backstories for the S3 characters the same way they just did for S1 and S2 characters.