Kim Wu Video Guide Complete!

Grab those notepads.


An excellent guide to breaking down Kim Wu and i share the same thought that more ought to be utilizing and exploring the character.

After listening to it, i do think that the things she can generate off her throws, both forward and back, are very under-realized. In general, Kim does want to be much closer than where her throws deposit her opponents, but i personally believe there’s stuff in her toolset that can work for pressuring the threat of throws.

I don’t want to take away from what you’ve done with your guide though. It covered all the essentials i think are needed and tossed out a few cool bits as well. Very nicely done, Sonic.


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Long live Kim! Have only made it halfway through the video so far but was very excited to see a new post in the Kim page, especially something of such depth. You’re doing the Lord’s work good sir

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Loving your guide mate. Thanks alot!

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