Kim Wu UI suggestion

I was watching LCD’ stream yesterday and it seemed that he had trouble keeping track of whether he had a dragon stocked. There was several times when he did a dragon kick that was unsafe thinking he could dragon cancel on block only to find out he didn’t. While playing Kim Wu, I also have run into the same problems of identifying this quickly. It can be difficult to see if you have two or three dragons at times.

My suggestion would be to have a dragon stock indicator above the shadow meter bar similar to Aganos chunks. It would differ in that it would be 3 separate dragons, that in instinct would fill either immediately (as a result of a instinct activation, parry or firecracker) and over time (when in instinct) as it regenerates. This would allow a player to be able to time their cancels when setting up.


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I don’t know. I am currently playing Kim, and I don’t have an issue with my stock of dragons. I know that every time I do firecracker ender or a parry, I get one. So I just count in my head. Instinct is the same way, as one is given during activation, and they regenerate fairly quickly. IMO, I don’t see it as a problem…

Maybe LCD is burning through them to the point he realized that he used all of them too quickly?

Yea I’m not having any trouble keeping track of my dragons either.

If anything it’s kind of hard to tell if light dragon dance hits, or maybe it’s just me and i have to pay attention more :eyes:

You mean the split kick? Definitely hard to tell.

yea that one. I’ll usually just press st.short just to be safe. If it hits then combo time and if it gets blocked then I’m still plus after.

Yeah, I’ve been pretty okay with knowing how many dragons o have. Only times I’ve ever really been confused about it is in Kim mirrors where we’ve both popped instinct and have quite a few floating around us.

As a note, light dragon dance is manifestly not plus on block. If the opponent challenges you with a cr. LK or similarly fast button and you try to mash as well, you’re gonna get hit. I think it’s something like -3 on block - only the medium version is positive.

I don’t have too much problem seeing it when the characters are further apart, but when up close it can be difficult to see especially with a lot of stuff going on. I can keep track OK, but an indicator would be a help.

Yes Light Dragon Dance is -3 on block and Heavy is -2. To the op, I don’t have trouble with keeping track of my dragons. If anything I gotta learn to incorporate them into my playstyle and stop playing her like Jago lol.

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Hey Guys. @CrazyLCD made a video yesterday about Tips & Tricks for Kim, for any people that need an extra push, or don’t know where to start.

It’s pretty good. Kim Wu is a bit tougher to get good with though. I find myself struggling to get 5 straight wins in Survival where I had no problems with other characters. I’m looking forward to what Shadow Lords offer.

Also, even LCD agrees with my UI suggestion.
I hope IG at least considers it.