Kim Wu Shadow Punish Guide!AoNVcghzWhDrhzp6dHMffP2a5AZj

Im on my phone so hopefully the link works. Anyway, this is something ive been working on for some time now and stopped once 3.6 got teased. Basically, this is every viable option Kim Wu has versus every shadow move in the game. It doesnt have Shadow Jago (never bought him) or Kilgore (my internet is down). But hopefully, this can be a little resource for all sorts of levels of Kim players. It certainly helped me and allowed me to discover some new tech. Maybe it’ll help others as well.

The guide should be pretty self explanitory. I put Kim against every shadow move with her trying to counter in a number of ways (lights, parries, throws, her own shadow moves,etc) from 3 distances. The guide will show whether it works, doesn’t work, or kinda works.

Just hoping other players may find a value to it. Let me know what you think!


Bookmarked. Thanks dude! :thumbsup:

So red=kim gets bodied, green= opponent gets beat and yellow is…somewhere in the middle? And of course blue is don’t even bother right?


If i put something in yellow, its something where an exchange happens where things can be in Kim’s favor, even though its not optimal.

Oh my, that seems like a really nice bunch of informations…
for a character that i don’t play.

But kudos man, this should be quite useful for the (few) kim player out there.

Every little bit helps.