! Kim Wu: Resets, One-Chance breaks & unbreakables?

Hello, so I found this old thread in the forums about resets and buried in the thread was a pretty brilliant in-depth write-up on sadira resets one chance unbreakables and kdd juggles.( the sudheera example is listed under the" …")

I’m looking around but I’m not finding much for my girl Kim as far as written Tech guides regarding reset one chance breaks or Unbreakable. I’m pretty sure I have every single YouTube video regarding kimtech that there including from Bast free Underdog gaming and the long video from I think it was Sonic?

The format of the sadira reset guide below is perfect and I want to make one for Kim and post it here

[ from a comment by @SamuelDFGC from 2015
SADIRA chance breaks unbreakables and resets


1 Chance Breaks:

  • Instinct web, Shadow Widows Bite, Instinct web, jump, LWB (timed late twoards the ground), manual, ender.
  • opener, Instinct web, jump, LWB (timed late twoards the ground), manual, ender.


Instinct web, Shadow Widows bite, H widows bite (the jump cancel might be a bit tricky to land at first)

  • This is her main unbreakable and there are some variations to it, for example you can do shadow blade demon after the web aswell, and you can end the combo regularly or with a bar of shadow, and I believe you can input a normal before the instinct web aswell. This unbreakable however cannot be preformed after an instinct cancel after a previously started combo (if you do so the Shadow widows bite will become breakable).

Opener (Blade demon, recluse, jump in…) web, H widows bite or sweep.
-This is good if you want to keep the pressure on and build white life at the same time.


mp auto-double jump canceled into cross-up HK

  • I have to give credit to Mr.SadFlumps for this one. It can be effective, because your opponent may try to break the HK as a manual and you will get the counter hit. If the opponent blocks than you’re positive

Jump in mp, mash out light web-cling, H blade demon ender

  • This was my creation. This only works on some characters (jago, sadira, kan ra, orchid to name a ferw) and with others you need to properly time the light web-cling. What happens is the ender doesn’t combo but you can still cancel out of it extremely quickly with any attack. This catches people off guard often. You can combo into this reset by jump canceling from a H auto or by jumping after you place an instinct web. I made a video about this a while ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgVNg_OInMw


  • in combo and in instinct this can be a very powerful reset tool if the projectile is thrown very close to the ground or used after a jump in attack. Especially if you drop an instinct web right before you press a button after the MWB to ensure that the opponent cant hit you out of the reset. You can go for an empty jump low, grab, or time a jump mp really close to the ground.

-In instinct Sadira’s grabs become even more frightening because her KV meter is increased (longer juggles) and she can jump cancel her normals to make those juggles harder to break. Not to mention if you dont have meter you can end the juggle with a sweep, drop an instinct web on top and cross up the oppoenent as usual, except this time you can do a short combo (or an unbreakable) and cash out the white life from the juggle. Sadira also has a tricky setup after a forward grab, which is to dash under the opponent and as fast as possible jump and do medium web cling into HK. This is an ambiguous cross-up that also acts as a meaty. It can be hard to block and if they do block it you’re still crazy positive. If they mash DP on wake up, the DP whiffs (at least with jago, I havent tested this with every character)


  • you can combo into sweep very easily in instinct, plus its an unbreakable manual, and since Sadira’s instinct shinanigans are so hard to block if you do everything correctly you’re almost guarenteed a sucessful reset. I do this alot, as well as Greif (if I remember correctly).

Sweep, tiger knee motion LWB but jump forwards (make sure you’re right nex to the opponent), instinct web, cr. lk, or grab.

  • This places you on the other side of the opponent and the instinct web makes it a bit harder to react to but it also makes you completely safe.

on a side note I would recommend learning and perfecting “KDD Juggles” because not only are they extremely effective but they are also really fun to pull off and are satisfying.]

Well, I can’t tell you much on Kim as I’m not a Kim main or put much time into using her at all really. I mainly wanted to comment because I felt maybe some clarification is needed on one particular subject.

NO ONE in the game has an unbreakable. Most unbreakable combos you’ll see on youtube come from a time where the game was much newer and tech was constantly being discovered, but most unbreakable scenarios those vids show no longer work because during the multiple updates on the game, they were targeted and removed. Those old sadira unbreakables are now very much breakable, albeit, only one chance in some instances. It namely had to do with normals, projectiles and how the game understood was the opener phase of the combo system.

True unbreakables don’t really exist anymore, though projectiles can not usually be broken so there are things like Cinder’s pyrobomb loops can juggle an opponent for a while for some decent damage at the exchange of a great deal of resources. However, in order to cash out the white damage (potential damage) on the opponent’s lifebar, there has to be at least one breakable moment in the game, otherwise the ender becomes breakable and does real pitiful damage.

The dragons Kim uses (the ones she shoots from the nunchaku) have a similar property I do believe, counting as projectiles, they should be unbreakable parts of the combo. They will count as projectile openers however, and if you should be able to insert like a single normal move in there and go for an ender, you essentially have a one break chance combo of sorts.

Kinda have to get a little creative at times, not all characters have tech like that.

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Thanks for the reply