Kim Wu Ranked Grind

So i’ve been a Kim Wu player since i picked this game up near the beginning of Season 3. I figured i’d do something for fun and put out some extended sessions i’ve played in Ranked with my Kim Wu.

Initially, i’ve just kept these sessions to myself and rewatched them for figuring what i was doing right or wrong. I started toying with the idea of using my old YouTube account for something useful and putting them up for public.

Now, if you’re new, i will forewarn you. I’m no tournament veteran, no seasoned pro. I don’t even have pro stars and i’m still fairly new to Killer rank. But i figure i can give back a little something for other that decide to pick up this character or are looking for more than just one or two matches. Besides, this character forum doesn’t see much activity.

Each session is probably going to be over an hour long. If you go to the actual YouTube channel, i gave timestamps for each matches beginning. It also lists the player i fought. So if you’re interested in how i play a matchup against a certain character or just against a certain player, you can choose.

Hopefully, you guys pull a little something from it. Thanks.

The subtitle to this, i guess episode, ought to be “Don’t play KI immediately after getting feedback.” You play scatterbrained and well…there’s some matches there i’m not particulary proud of.