Kim Wu KV meter "resets"

I can’t seem to get any of the KV meter resets that I found online to work… it’s most likely user error admittedly.

I’m aware of the obvious instinct reset but using a combination of dragon Cannon command grab wall splat etc I can’t seem to get any to work.

I have a couple of sneaky combo reset strings but is there a way to maintain combo and reset the KV?

The only method of keeping your combo and resetting KV is by instinct activation. All other resets are performed in a way that usually requires you to drop your combo, but the opponent is off guard so you pick it right back up and you build maximum white damage for your cash outs.

Honestly, if you want max damage, you should balance getting as much white damage on the life bar as possible, which usually means, keeping your combos shorter as the longer the combo goes on, damage scaling kicks in and the added damage diminishes over time (and less risk of breakers). Concentrate on getting to level 4 enders if you can, and then cashout.

Dropping the combo for a reset has the benefit of resetting the combo count AND the damage scaling so you can maximize your white damage buildup in shorter combos, quicker hits, and combine that with Kim’s legendarily powerful shadow damage ender, destroying lifebars with a moderate cost to resources like instinct and meter (and in her specific case, dragons).

There may be some terminology confusion though, a reset is generally a fighting game strat across the genre, not just KI. It’s just strategically dropping your combo for an opportunity to start a new one for max damage. KV reset just refers to KI alone and you reset the KV meter.

If whatever you’re seeing didn’t reset the KV meter, it’s not a true reset. Most likely a tight frame timing that’s difficult to break.

If you want further clarification, post whatever it is here (if it can, like embedding a youtube vid), and I’m sure someone here can look at it and make sense of what’s going on.