Kim Wu got an update!

Just now, while I was pausing downloads in the my games and apps queue, another download started, and finished within seconds - Kim Wu got an update!

I don’t know what it was or why, though - it could be a bug fix, a fix for her face, a simple coding fix, whatever.

It made me wonder though - how often do these stealth updates happen, and why?

So, @developers, why did Kim Wu just get an update? I’m curious and would like to know why…

When a character gets updated its not shown by the xbox interface unless its a game update.

My theory is that you individualy tried to download kim wu, for any reason it was paused, and when you paused your current downloads the xbox downloaded Kim. It happened to me time ago

By the way, this doesn’t mean she wasnt in your game. The individual download its there for the people who only puechase one(or not all) character, so they can use them offline. Don’t know exactly how does it work, but its offline related.

Long story short: Kim wasn’t updated xD


But I’ve never tried to individually download any character, ever. I’ve only ever picked up the ultimate editions of each season.

Maybe you did by accident without noticing it, maybe the xbox preview messed with it, or if you have a shared account your friend tried to download her with his profile and it automatically downloaded for you.

The 3 scenarios happened to me in different downloads

I did it by accident without noticing? No, I think not. I’m intimately familiar with how Live works…

While the preview program may have played a part, I highly doubt it - there’s simply no rhyme or reason for it to do anything like you’re suggesting. It’s a remote possibility at best.

I share my account and console with no one, not even close friends or family (my profile is the only 1 that has EVER been on the console). I have my account, profile, and console all locked down tight with multiple layers of security. Unless you’re a really hacker, you’re not getting in - I’ve put far too much investment into it over the years to risk losing everything so easily.

I don’t know how it happened, mabye there are more options that we are not considerating

What I know its that the download its not a Kim Wu update.

So the mystery its the “how”, not the “what”.

How do you know this for certain?

Small updates happen all of the time in many games. Why not this 1?

Because an hotfix its never shown by the xbox interface. I have noticed hotfixes just playing, without a notification of any kind. For example, once in season 1 the ranked match was bugged, they launched a hotfix, and I didn’t get a notification, just an ingame warning: ranked servers are offline. I restarted the game and it was all good.

The only notifications the xbox shows about games are due updates, but not on individual dlcs.

If you have Battlefield 4 and china rising, and china rising maps gets updated, you will see a “bf 4 update” not a “china rising update”.

Sometimes characters I own from the Ultimate editions will be in the “ready to install que” even though they are installed. I never understood why, but they are. You can load them and nothing changes.


That’s happened to me as well, and with other things outside of KI too.

I think it’s related to minor corruption or problems with the installed data, requiring the system to reinstall it. Steam does the same on PC; if a file is somehow corrupt or incomplete Steam will verify and re-update it on the fly without displaying an actual full update.


Why u do dis? :sob:

( it happens though, I have a TJ on deck to download, and I already have TJ installed. So 2 TJs lol, like @FallofSeraphs76 )


Secret Shark TJ confirmed!!

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LOL ONLY If he has water attacks, will I download him twice! XD

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Poor Kim, forever low-tier.



maybe the old one will retain his roll and other old tech


Here’s the full explanation. When you download the game and the add-ons( add ons meaning combo breaker/ultra editions) download, they don’t install the dlc that makes up the add on. They install all the content from that add on, HOWEVER, the individual dlc (for example, buying the Kim wu character for 5 dollars) won’t be present in your KI installed data until you manually install her. When your xbox is online, KI connects to the internet so that you can access your add on. Incidentally, if you are online, the “checking game data” will load up the add on and all the characters will be present. If you are offline, it will not load any of your add ons and only get the content you have installed on your Xbox from the last time you entered the game (plus the xbox has to be your home xbox).

In Summary, even though you installed the (combo breaker/ultra edition) add ons, they don’t install the individual dlc to your hard drive. It’s just a voucher so when you first enter the game, you can play with them without installing them. Sometimes what happens is that the system doesnt detect that you installed the combo breaker/ultra edition packs, which delays the download of the individual dlc. Your system may have just detected that you didn’t have certain dlc installed that you didn’t have.