Kim Wu - Fight Stick Templates

Download blank template not works.

Oh damn, all the MadCatz links are broken.

Ok, just download that top one and delete the art layer from the PSD and it will be blank:

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Thanks a lot.

Hey Krizm!

If I were to give you some artwork, do you think you could make a fightstick template out of it? :grin:

Would I have to pay you?

If you just want me to fit the artwork to the template, sure I can do that.
If it’s any more involved, I would have to know what you have in mind.

I was going to link you the pictures, but my phone keeps crashing, lol

It’s from RDM’s Hero Instinct Thread:

And just Jago, Kim Wu & TJ together.

I’ll let your creativity flow! :smile

Ahhhh, gotcha. Yeah I don’t mind fitting artwork into the template for free, but coming up with a composition is a little more time consuming. I’m pretty burnt out on doing free work and have very little time to do it :confused: That’s awesome he posted those PNGs though. They will definitely come in handy for future template work!

That’s fine. Whenever you have time, no rush! :smile:

Do it when you want. I’m truly in no hurry.

perhaps they weigh a lot? XD

Lol, or they are so awesome, my phone explodes XD

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Mind doing this one, too (with the inputs at the top)

Jesus @Ravan86 your logos are popular! (Nice fightstick art BTW)

you looking to get this added to the TE2 or the Atrox?
If you email me the high res version, I can get it fitted for ya.

I’m not sure how the greens will turn out after printing, since green isn’t part of the CMYK color spectrum :confused:

The Atrox. Thanks man. You mean a message or do you want it from my Gmail account

Whatever is easiest for you.

Emailing it now. is what will show up

Sent @KrizmKazm

(sent reply)

Wow I may have to learn how to install one of these on my hori rap v if possible

This looks like the template you’ll need:

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