Kim Wu - Fight Stick Templates

I’ll get things started…



Download from my archive:


It has begun… :heart_eyes:

Does this Template also work with an Atrox? I looked at it, and it says TE2. Just wondering for Size issues or something. :grin:

It does not, but I’m sure I could upload an Atrox version in the next day or two.
The templates are a bit different so it will need to be reworked a bit so her head doesn’t get chopped off by the Atrox features.

OK! Just asking. I’m so tempted to ask you for a Jago & Kim one with my GT, but I don’t think I’m ready to be blown away. I’m scared. LOL XD

I’ll definitely be pumping out some other variations once her official character render is revealed. I’ll make sure to do some for both sticks too. If you decide you want something custom, I’m certainly open to it.

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Sure! I find art pieces and have you make it if you’d like. I’ll let you have full creativity over it. :smiley:

As soon as there is a Tusk template…please tag me @KrizmKazm

your templates are the sheet man!

Here’s one until we get his official render:
(download from Archive above)


Whoa!!! AWESOME!!! thanks!

(I just added the Kim Wu template to the Atrox archive)

Thank you so much!

Edit: Hey @KrizmKazm, I have a question. If I wanted to Install this art into my Fightstick (Razer Atrox XB1), is it the same installation process as the TE2, or is it a bit different? I’m a noob on Fightstick stuff, so just wondering if there was a different process I had to do to put artwork on it.

To be honest, I personally have never seen a Razer Atrox, so I’m not sure. I would assume the same steps could be taken though, as all you’re really doing is unscrewing the frame, popping out the buttons so the artwork can go under them, then screwing everything back together. Sorry, not a great answer :confused:

That’s OK! I’m sure it’s not hard… (I Hope)

If anything, there should be something online I can find.

LOL I actually searched “Install Custom Art Atrox” on Youtube, and your TE2 Install videos came up! :smiley:

No Problem! I really have to thank you for taking the time to answer and creating this amazing art! All I got to do know is find a place that can print that Kim Wu Atrox Art… :confused:

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Hey I found something!


How can I install new artwork for the interchangeable top panel?
The Razer Atrox top panel is secured by 6 screws, accesible on the underside of the top panel. Removing these will release the artwork sheet and the plastic layer, allowing you to replace it.

So I’m guessing it is similar. Information for you, in case you ever get your hands on an Atrox. :slight_smile:

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Just added some S3 templates to the archive :wink:
(See video in OP.)

Dude your stuffs awesome

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Thanks man! I’ll probably do another fresh batch soon using some of these nice Achievement screens

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If possible post blank template in PSD format. Thanks

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Download blank template not works.