Kim Wu Fanart (2019)


Sup guys, it’s been a long while!!! Hope everyone are doing good~

Thought I’d share my recent fanart of Kim Wu here :slight_smile:




Very nice. Can see the evolution of your style :slight_smile:


Glad to see you again Red! Always love your art!

(Can I use it as a Profile pic? It’s really nice :smile:)


Same here, thanks fwiend~!
And sure :slight_smile:


Thanks my dude~!:pray:t5:


Got to see this on Twitter yesteday, ■■■■ your style is so polished and colorful! And its great to so KI inspire other artists! :smile:
Great stuff! :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Cooool! & Welcome back!

I still use your arts for my gamertag <3