Kim Wu FAN ART(s) (and other) (small update!)

[UPDATE 02/29/2016]

Just in case you guys missed what I’ve posted from twitt, here’s a small snippet of Kim Wu that I’ve been working on. Hopefully I can get it done though…

:smiley: Yeah… I’m back with more art again LOL.

Thought i’d share

First fanart i’ve made. (Probably 1st coloured fanart too not to brag :sweat_smile: )

trying to channel her personality here xD. Can imagine her somewhat butting heads with Jago (or that master from Ki2( at the start.

Super old drawing? Kiiiiinda? Just updated Kim’s current appearance. It’s unfinished tho as you can tell. :laughing:

ALTERNATE COSTUMES (before official reveal)


Awesome job Redz I especially like the way you did the hair in the top 2 pictures


Love the facial expressions.


You never disappoint Red! Really good stuff!


^ What he said. Love the expressions


Many tanks’ guys :slight_smile:

As I scanned the “New” post list, I had to double-take because I initially read this thread as “Kim Wu FARTS”

A serious whatthefuck moment.


LOL! :joy: I should probably leave a space with fanart

Awesome job! You r really talented! Can you do a Omen Chibi drawing or direct me to someone that can/ has done an Omen drawing? LIke the lil chibi art…if that’s what you call it?

I have an awesome S1 cast chib art tshirt i got from china, still no S2 shirt though…Id really like to have an Omen piece.


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I know that where I got my Jago Chibi, there was also an Omen Chibi.


That’s it! I have the S1 version of that art work on my shirt! I just need a S2 version of those exact chibs… I want an Omen one too!

Ok so i found a no minimum tshirt place and up loaded this design and it will only cost me 23.50.

I already have the S1 version so now I just have to make me this S2!

Those Fanarts are great! :smiley:


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You never cease to amaze me with your awesome art. great job!

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Kim “Elvis Presley” skin lol

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lmagine this art on my Fightstick…

OMG :heart_eyes:


So good!

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You can make a shirt too! Its only 24$ to make 1 shirt with up to 8 or more colors! There are several websites that do this…Im currently working on a few ideas so I have the most bad ■■■ customized Fall of Seraphs Omen shirt!

Big thanks for the comments guys :smiley:

Incredible…I absolutely LOVE your interpretation of the character!!